Guide To Finding a Topic to Write About

Hey everybody! This is my first post that isn’t about books but is related. This post is about how to find a topic to write about. I personally love to write and would love to be an author when I grow up. For now all I can do is lend you some wisdom. Everyone has had that moment at least once where your English/Language Arts teacher assigns you a new assignment or your just writing for fun and you can’t seem to find something to write about. This post will give you some tricks and tips; not exactly sure how many but we will just have to see!

1. If you have a tough assignment, read over the question and decide what it’s asking. You can’t write anything until you know what you are expected of.

2. If you are writing a book or just for fun, think about what if there is something you know a lot about. For example, I have cats so I know quite a bit about them. If you have some sort of hobby that would be an amazing thing to write about.

3. If the assignment is asking for a narrative, think about your life and what has happened that you can remember. Something most likely stands out to you like a sibling or child’s birth, major trip, or graduation of a important grade. Talking to a parent or close friend will also help jog your memory.

4. If you are writing a book or for fun, ask your self a series of questions.

Where does the story take place?

What time period?

What genre is your story?

Who are the characters?

What are they like?

How do the characters move,think,act, and speak?

What are some problems that happen in your story?

Are those problems going to be solved?

Can you relate to the characters?

Do they remind you of someone you know?

How long is your story going to be (a range)?  

Will you pick a title before you write the story or after?

These are quite a few questions that will hopefully help you write!

5. If the assignment is suppose to be a free write or fiction type of story, the questions above will definitely help you as well as:

Will this story be in the past,present or future?

Will this story be really silly, serious, or a bit of both?

Is this story exciting?

Will your reader want to keep reading or fall asleep?

Your teacher and family may have some suggestions if you are absolutely stumped.

These are just a few tips and there might be a few more that other bloggers or sites that can further help you!

Stay tuned for more posts and comment below if this helped you!

~Makayla the Bookworm 



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