What I’ve Learned in my Week of Blogging

Believe it or not, I have only been blogging for a week. In this week I have learned so many things from myself, other bloggers, and of course Elisabeth Daul who wrote the beautiful book Genie Wishes. Genie Wishes inspired me to get to it and finally create a blog. I have always loved reading and writing from quite a young age and this blog gives me a chance to showcase that and also help others.
In this one week I have learned quite a few things. The first thing that is quite important is to post frequently (skipping only two days at the most) or else your followers and other bloggers will think you’re not committed. Now to some people this may not be true, but for newer bloggers it’s a must. When you’re new to blogging, you want to be able to show what you have to offer. Don’t hold back any of your writing talent. If you aren’t the best writer, take a look back on my Guide to What to Write About. Before you know it, you’ll be noticed and become more and more popular.

The next thing I have learned in this short week, is that commenting on other blogs and reading what they have taken time to write not only gives you ideas but also can make other people curious about what exactly you’re blogging about. Many blogs have stood out to me. A blog  about more diversity in children’s books. A blog about baguette bread and how it can become part of a troublesome problem. Another blog about racial discrimination and how it’s dismissed as references or truths. Many other blogs can be included in this list but you most likely get the idea.

Pictures are really powerful and help get your point across.  All the blogs I have read have at least one picture that really have helped me picture the situation; and feel the emotion in each and every word that glides across the page. Pictures may remind you of picture books if you have too many but if you have a few thrown in, they help the story progress.  Visual learners like me will thank you 🙂

There are many more tips and ideas that I could share with you but one more is all that’s in store. Write about what you love. Don’t write about something that you don’t like unless it’s something you’re passionate about. I personally am passionate about books and writing so that’s what I blog about. Most people plan ahead about what they want to blog about but I don’t. If an idea comes to me, I blog about it. Blogging should be fun not work!

I hope this helps you improve your blogging!

~Makayla the Bookworm