The Story Behind my Title and Tagline

Hey everybody! It is day 2 of Blogging 101 and I have already made some changes to my blog. A brand new site title that better fits the blog and a slightly different Tagline. First of all for those new bloggers that might have stumbled across my page, a Tagline is quite simple. A Tagline is a few words that tell the purpose or what your blog is about. My Tagline doesn’t need too much explaining. My Tagline is basically saying that this blog is about books, writing, and much more. That’s 100% true and not much different then my previous one. My title is a lot different. Before it was “readersandmore” just like my URL or page link. Now it is “Random Reads!” This title better fits my page because this page has lots of pretty random content at times and is centered a lot around books and reading. I know this post isn’t as exciting as my book reviews, or holiday extravaganzas, but I just wanted to give you a shortish post about the simple, reasons behind my title and tag line.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for changes to my blog and new posts pretty much every day!

~Makayla the Bookworm