Book Review: To Catch a Mermaid  

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To be honest, I had writers block today! I should have referred to my Guide to Finding Things to Write About. For now I will just give you another book review!

This time I am reviewing To Catch a Mermaid by Suzanne Selfors. This book features some characters with some slightly strange names. Boom Broom (see what I mean?) is a young boy who lives with his father,chef, and sister. The chef is named Halvor who is all about Vikings since he claims to be a direct descendant of some famous Viking Warrior sort. Halvor only cooks fish. You might be wondering “Where’s the mother in this story?” The mom was sucked up and swept away by a stray twister. Since the father has gone depressed, paranoid, and slightly crazy about his wife’s disappearance and most likely death, the whole family is low on money. Father use to paint wonderful paintings that sold for tons of money. Now the money is disappearing. When Boom has to go and purchase some fish, he has only 3 dollars after giving away 7 out of the 10 dollars Halvor the Viking gave to him. With no money, he tries to bargain with a fisherman at the dock to get some fish. All that does is send him to the rejection bucket of unwanted sea creatures. Boom Broom finds something peculiar that changes him, his family, and those he knows forever. Read To Catch a Mermaid by Suzanne Selfors to see what the mystery creature is that Boom encounters.

Book: To Catch a Mermaid

Author: Suzanne Selfors

Ages: 8-12 most likely though I am slightly older than that.

Star Rating: 5 stars 

Would I recommend it: Yes!

Why? It’s a brilliant read that keeps you clinging to each page.

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