About my About Page!

Hi Everybody! It’s Day 6 of Blogging 101 and my assignment today was to create or in my case, update my about page. In my About page, I included key pieces like links to certain posts on my blog. These are extremely important in my opinion cause they give any new readers a chance to just click a link and go right to some varieties of my work. Another key piece I added to my about page was the overall format. The page is longer and isn’t just a childish Hi my name is ___________ I like puppies and my blog is about pineapples. Yes very unlikely but you get to the point. No hate to anyone who has an About page that’s like that. All I’m saying is you might want to think about what you can improve on. In this blog I will not write about fashion. To people who know me this is an obvious answer. To you guys, I’m just some random person who loves books and writing. I will not write about fashion because I know nothing about it, simple as that. I wear what I want and try to not care if people tell me I always wear the same thing. That’s obviously not true. In this blog I want to become better at getting on a posting schedule, planning out my posts before hand, and building my followers. What I have accomplished as of July 12th 2015 is 10 followers, over 100 all time visits to my blog, and almost 3 weeks of blogging.

Thanks for for reading and Stay tuned for more amazing content coming straight from me!

~Makayla the Bookworm