Check it Out!

Hello Everybody!

Today I have added lots of widgets at the very bottom of my blog!

1. Now you can see how many “hits” my blog has had overall.

2. Links are now displayed of recommended blogs

3. A grid shows the profile pictures of just a few of the blogs I follow. Check those out and decide if any of them seem interesting to you

4.Last but not least, I have added an additional follow button so you can just click or tap it after seeing my amazing additions

5.This isn’t new but if this post has caught your eye on the reader then go to my about page to see what I`m all about!

Thanks for Reading and Stay tuned for a possible post today!

~Makayla the Bookworm


From the First to The Last Chapter 

Hello everybody! Since I have been so busy, I am catching up on Blogging 101 which ends next Friday.

This assignment is taking a post that we commented on and make a post that bounces off the topic or specifically what you commented on the post. A post that really stood out to me is one called From the First to The Last Chapter- 5 Things to Keep In Mind. To be honest this post was one of the many posts I have read that have opened my eyes. My eyes have been opened to see that being an author is truly hard. Not just the writing a book which seems hard enough in it self, but all the side details. A quiet environment, breaks, and possibly some good old food and water are among the things that A Writer’s Path discussed in this post: .As I have seen, being an author can either be a smash hit or a one way pass to failure; (some may argue otherwise.) I love to read posts that really capture the reality of the tough career we call writing. Whether you are writing for yourself, a newspaper, magazine, or some other source, you need to have uninterhrupted silence to think. To create settings, plots, characters. For ideas to be thought about, changed, and occasionally dismissed as bad or failures. I have nothing I can agree nor disagree about this post. All of the words just seem to fit to matter how long or short the paragraphs. Humor is thrown in to make it more relaxed and less tense. I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for in terms of a bounce off of a post or comment but this is what I think. I want to be an author and agree that it will be tough, stressful, and frustrating. Anyone who loves writing like me and many others, can agree that that is a small price to pay.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more updates and definitely more blog posts! I’m very sorry that I have neglected my blog this week and promise to do better in the future.

~Makayla the Bookworm