The Back of My Book

Hello everyone! This is a special prompt post! Check out this link:

This prompt was about writing a blurb that would be on the back cover of a book I would possibly write. My book’s name is “The Building Blocks of Life.” If you turn the book over on the back it would read:

Savanna Willis is just an ordinary teenager. She has insecurities, loves her friends, and does pretty well in school. Her world is normal until one day when she learns that her grandma Lisa recently passed away. At the reading of the will, her life changes forever. Grandma Lisa wasn’t any ordinary grandma. She had a secret  life that nobody knew about until now. Savanna must continue her grandma’s secret mission in the world of books. Savanna must go near and far on a journey of a lifetime.

The Building Blocks of Life is a adventure/action genre novel. It is written by myself and illustrated my an unknown person. It is yet to be published.

Thanks for reading my prompt blog post and Let me know if you want to see more of these!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂