Blogging for a month!

Hey everybody! Today is my 1 month anniversary of beginning to blog. On June 23rd, Genie Wishes inspired me to begin blogging. So as you can see, I did. I just posted a random post at that time. I was a noob blogger so I had no idea what was going on. At the beginning I had doubted myself. I wasn’t sure if I was really going to get anywhere. Now on July 23rd, 1 month later, I’m doing pretty darn well in my opinion.

Overall Stats


Overall Views: 188


Overall Visitors: 68


Overall Likes: 52


Overall comments: 40


Overall Followers: 20


First follower: @digga3k

Most recent follower: @donniesapphy 

(Shout out to these amazing people!)


Number of posts: 25 including this one 🙂


All my viewers have been from:

The United States 

The United Kingdom




South Korea


Trinidad and Tobago



South Africa.


As you can see, my followers and viewers have been from literally all over the world. Thank you to everyone who has viewed or followed my blog. Whether you’re reading this the day it’s posted or sometime in the future, Thank you! Without all of you, my blog wouldn’t be where it is today.





1. To make it to 100 followers

I don’t have a set date that I want to get 100 followers by but I think it will be sooner than I originally thought. I gain at least a follower every 1-3 days. I don’t care how long it takes, I’m just going to keep bringing you content for the rest of the summer and through the school year as much as I can. I know that together, we can reach this huge goal!

2. To continue to post frequently

This does relate to the top one in some ways. I just want to keep bringing everyone new content as frequently as I can manage. It might be written that day or scheduled a week ago. Either way I promise or at least hope that I can continue posting as much as I have been. It’s going to be a big task but I’m going to try.

3. To continue to comment on other blogs

I understand how much feedback, comments, likes, and follows can really impact someone’s self esteem and overall blog. Other blogs definitely show me how talented and smart other people are. I know for a fact that some people might give up blogging but the people I know power through no matter what.

4. Last but not least, I want to use a bigger variety of things in my posts.

This last one may be simple but it’s tough for me. I want to add more varieties of pictures like tweets or Instagram photos. Anything that can really make my blog stand out. At the very least I want to have at least one picture in every post. Sometimes I fail at that. I want to just try to my hardest.


Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you really enjoy your next milestone whether it be a week or 5 years, celebrate it to matter how long you’ve been blogging! I love each and everyone one of my followers and viewers. Stay tuned for more new content!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂







My Top 5 Genres (And Books)

Hi everyone! Today I’m bringing you something I call My Top 5 Genres (and Books.)

1. Action/Adventure: Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

This series has so many good things: drama, victory, family, suspense, and so much more. Of course I have only read the first two books in the series and am yet to read the Allegiant and Four. I definitely recommend this series for anyone that can handle some nail biting suspense!





2. Children’s: Don’t Let the Pigeon series by Mo Willems

This is a series that as a child I absolutely adored. Being the avid reader I am, I of course had many different series’s of books that I enjoyed.This was towards the top of the list. It is a silly and love able picture book series about a pigeon who just doesn’t seem to get his way. I recommend this for all kids that love silly but relatable stories.



3. Humor: The Middle School series by James Patterson.

I know I’m doing a lot of series’s but this is one amazing series. It has a graphic novel feel so it probably won’t slip by teachers for any reading logs. This series is about the adventures of a troublesome boy named Rafe. I recommend this for anyone who likes books that can really make you smile. These books has things in it that children definitely shouldn’t do so the themes are not good. Still an amazing read.



4. Animals: The Heartland series by Lauren Brooke

This is an amazing series that follows Amy Fleming, Her grand father Jack, Stablemate Ty and so many more important characters that you can really feel for. Amy really has a deep connection with horses and uses alternative methods to heal the troubled horses that find their way to the Heartland stable. This series is long with 25 books. I recommend this series for anyone who loves horses or just love a good read.


5. Romance: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

My only singular book in this list! Everyone has at least heard of this amazing book about Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters who are in a mushy and close love relationship. It’s definitely PG 13 just like the movie because of how romantic and lovey dovey it is. I recommend this book from an amazing author who also wrote Paper Towns to anyone who loves a good love story.



Feel free to post your own genre/book list. I’m not the kind of person to accuse others of copying unless necessary.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for amazing content that’s all about reading and writing!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂