Creative Writing

Hi everyone! This is just a normal post. As you may know, blogging 101 is pretty much over. I have already found a new event to participate in. This one is called Creative Challanges. The wonderful Cynthia Dawn hosts this weekly every Friday. When you subscribe to her emailing list, she will send you a bonus prompt. All you do is write a short or long story using the prompt to begin.

Today’s bonus prompt: Write about a time where you or a fictional character realizes that their life will never be the same.

Here’s my story:

  Savanna Willis opened her eyes. The sun was shining through her bed room window. She lets out a moan and rolls over, throwing her pillows over her messy brown hair. Finally, she starts to drift off when she takes a double take. “Wait a second…” She thinks to herself. Today is the day of her grandma’s will reading. “Grumble, Grumble” Suddenly her mom appears at her blue bedroom door. She’s dressed in a blue dress, blue heels, and a  matching blue necklace. Her father’s stubbly face peers around the corner. He is not yet dressed and is still in his favorite Pacman shirt and his matching Pacman boxer shorts. Savanna opens her eyes and tries to hide her grin that is trying to escape. 

“What?!” Her father asks with an amused look on his face.

“Nothing dad!”

“Okay honey. Sorry to wake you but your mom and I need to talk to you.”

I sigh and get out of my cloud soft bed. After slipping into my blue slippers, I wonder downstairs. My mom and dad are nervously talking. I catch a snippet of their conversation.

“What do you think she’ll think about…” And then they see me standing there with my hair all knotted and my eyes all tired. My mom takes a deep breath and says:

“Savanna we’re moving to Florida.”

Suddenly my whole work went crashing down. From now on, I knew nothing would never be the same.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂