The Back of My Book

Hello everyone! This is a special prompt post! Check out this link:

This prompt was about writing a blurb that would be on the back cover of a book I would possibly write. My book’s name is “The Building Blocks of Life.” If you turn the book over on the back it would read:

Savanna Willis is just an ordinary teenager. She has insecurities, loves her friends, and does pretty well in school. Her world is normal until one day when she learns that her grandma Lisa recently passed away. At the reading of the will, her life changes forever. Grandma Lisa wasn’t any ordinary grandma. She had a secret  life that nobody knew about until now. Savanna must continue her grandma’s secret mission in the world of books. Savanna must go near and far on a journey of a lifetime.

The Building Blocks of Life is a adventure/action genre novel. It is written by myself and illustrated my an unknown person. It is yet to be published.

Thanks for reading my prompt blog post and Let me know if you want to see more of these!

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Check it Out!

Hello Everybody!

Today I have added lots of widgets at the very bottom of my blog!

1. Now you can see how many “hits” my blog has had overall.

2. Links are now displayed of recommended blogs

3. A grid shows the profile pictures of just a few of the blogs I follow. Check those out and decide if any of them seem interesting to you

4.Last but not least, I have added an additional follow button so you can just click or tap it after seeing my amazing additions

5.This isn’t new but if this post has caught your eye on the reader then go to my about page to see what I`m all about!

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From the First to The Last Chapter 

Hello everybody! Since I have been so busy, I am catching up on Blogging 101 which ends next Friday.

This assignment is taking a post that we commented on and make a post that bounces off the topic or specifically what you commented on the post. A post that really stood out to me is one called From the First to The Last Chapter- 5 Things to Keep In Mind. To be honest this post was one of the many posts I have read that have opened my eyes. My eyes have been opened to see that being an author is truly hard. Not just the writing a book which seems hard enough in it self, but all the side details. A quiet environment, breaks, and possibly some good old food and water are among the things that A Writer’s Path discussed in this post: .As I have seen, being an author can either be a smash hit or a one way pass to failure; (some may argue otherwise.) I love to read posts that really capture the reality of the tough career we call writing. Whether you are writing for yourself, a newspaper, magazine, or some other source, you need to have uninterhrupted silence to think. To create settings, plots, characters. For ideas to be thought about, changed, and occasionally dismissed as bad or failures. I have nothing I can agree nor disagree about this post. All of the words just seem to fit to matter how long or short the paragraphs. Humor is thrown in to make it more relaxed and less tense. I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for in terms of a bounce off of a post or comment but this is what I think. I want to be an author and agree that it will be tough, stressful, and frustrating. Anyone who loves writing like me and many others, can agree that that is a small price to pay.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more updates and definitely more blog posts! I’m very sorry that I have neglected my blog this week and promise to do better in the future.

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Update Post

Hi Everyone! I have been very busy and have almost gone 2 days without posting. I won’t have new content up for at least a day or two. I am very committed to my blog, I just haven’t been able to post everyday like normal.  I’ll just give you some updates:

  1. Blogging 101 ends next week and then I will have to start to use my new knowledge and get some better content for all of my followers and viewers.

     2. Yesterday was my 3 week anniversary of my blog! That means that next Tuesday I will do something special to celebrate doing my blog for a week. Stay tuned to see what that turns out to be!

     3. I have 11 followers and counting now. I’m not sure if that’s good or not considering the point I am at in my blogging.

     4. I promise that I will post when I can but since it is summer break; I’m enjoying it as much as I can. School starts up again in over a month (Yes I am in school still) and blogs will be even more scarce.

That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any ideas for my blog!

Love you guys xx

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How to: Find and Act Around Your Favorite Author!

Hey everybody! This how to is a follow up to my personal experience blog post a couple days ago. If you haven’t checked below you can find the link at the end of this post.

First you need to know a few places you can find your favorite author(s).

1. Your local bookstore

Bookstores are great places to find your favorite author because of all the books! In my personal experience, I met my favorite author at a local bookstore near me. All you have to do is go on the store website, go to events, make sure the events are for the correct store,and browse away at the events. You might not always be lucky but it’s worth a try!

2. Use (U.S. Only)

This is an amazing site that as far as I can tell is only for the United States. Sorry if you find this site great but live out of the U.S. I know a lot of my viewers and followers do so my apologies. This site is simple but helpful. It brings you to a map of the United States. All you have to do is click or double tap your state and a bunch of or in my state’s case, no search results. Sadly not very many states seem to be registered into this site but places like New York and California have many places. Once you find the search results, just look for your favorite author. If you’re lucky enough to find them, you might want to look at the bookstore location. He/she might not even be near you! Luckily you can also go and have results for only your city or a city near you.


3. Social Media!

Tons of people seem to have several social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. So do your favorite authors! You most likely won’t find them on Vine or Instagram though but Facebook and Twitter is where they will be! All you have to do is search up the author’s name and make sure you find the real one. Then just start browsing through their page. It’s not guaranteed that you will find anything but most people tend to post their whereabouts online so maybe they do too!

4. Check online and in the newspaper

Just searching up the author’s name or the author’s name events could show you a beacon of hope. It might be helpful to put in your state if you don’t mind traveling a bit or your city and state to get more accurate and personalized results. In the newspaper (which many don’t read or even get anymore) there might be a literacy calendar that shows different book and literacy related events around your area.

5. Your Public Library!

Just like a bookstore! This could be a place an author might appear. Normally poets are more likely than normal authors but it’s still worth a try! If not then maybe another upcoming event might catch your eye!

Now that you know a few locations and resources you can use to find your author, you need to know how to act around them if you are lucky enough to meet. This is in Do and Don’t form.

1. Do be respectful of their space!

Your favorite author is a living breathing person too! They need their personal space even in public with lots of fans. Everyone gets a bit excited but nobody needs to bombard or crowd the author. That can definitely get you kicked out and you won’t even meet the person!

2. Don’t overstay your welcome!

Once you get to the front of the line after a couple to several hours, don’t overstay your welcome. This means that you probably shouldn’t start a long conversation, have a hundred things signed, or a hundred pictures taken. All the people behind you have been waiting a very long time and don’t want to have to wait any longer then they have to.

3. Do be patient in line.

If you aren’t a patient person, this probably isn’t for you. You might have to stand in line for several hours depending how many people found out and how popular the author. If you start to get impatient, just think about how exciting this experience is and how lucky you are to even be able to meet this author. I had to wait for at least an hour and a half to meet my favorite author and it was worth it!

4. Don’t cut in line

This one is pretty obvious but sometime we can get so anxious, excited, and nervous that we don’t think and before we know it, we’ve done something we can’t really undo. This can ruin other people’s experience too.

5. Do have fun and enjoy your self!

This is most likely unless you’re lucky, a once in a lifetime experience. No matter how long you have to wait, and how loud others can be, this experience will be amazing! Inviting a friend or two who share the some love of the author and their books can really speed up time and make things better. While you’re sharing gossip, jokes, or talking about just about what ever you feel like, time will go by and before you know it, it’s your turn!

I hope you can meet at least one of your favorite authors!

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for new content!

Here’s the personal experience link:

~Makayla the Bookworm



About my About Page!

Hi Everybody! It’s Day 6 of Blogging 101 and my assignment today was to create or in my case, update my about page. In my About page, I included key pieces like links to certain posts on my blog. These are extremely important in my opinion cause they give any new readers a chance to just click a link and go right to some varieties of my work. Another key piece I added to my about page was the overall format. The page is longer and isn’t just a childish Hi my name is ___________ I like puppies and my blog is about pineapples. Yes very unlikely but you get to the point. No hate to anyone who has an About page that’s like that. All I’m saying is you might want to think about what you can improve on. In this blog I will not write about fashion. To people who know me this is an obvious answer. To you guys, I’m just some random person who loves books and writing. I will not write about fashion because I know nothing about it, simple as that. I wear what I want and try to not care if people tell me I always wear the same thing. That’s obviously not true. In this blog I want to become better at getting on a posting schedule, planning out my posts before hand, and building my followers. What I have accomplished as of July 12th 2015 is 10 followers, over 100 all time visits to my blog, and almost 3 weeks of blogging.

Thanks for for reading and Stay tuned for more amazing content coming straight from me!

~Makayla the Bookworm


Personal Experience: Meeting Erin Hunter

Hi Everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. Both writers block and life have swallowed me up but I’m back with a personal experience post about meeting one of my favorite authors Erin Hunter. A bit of some back story: Erin Hunter writes fantasy books about dogs, cats, and bears (not in the same book of course) surviving, fighting, and thriving in the wild. Whether it be set in a icy tundra or a dark and dismal forest, these books used to and still are some of my favorites. Now I will tell you my personal experience meeting an author for the first time.

    It was just another normal day and I was heading off to the local Barnes and Noble with a family member. I can never get enough of bookstores and can stay there for hour upon hour. The atmosphere is relaxing and all the books provide opportunities for adventure and escape from the world. Entering the sliding doors is normally… A normal thing to do. But today was downright exciting. A sign advertised that Erin Hunter was going to be doing a book signing. All I thought at first was “Oh well. Another book signing I can’t make it to.” but then I noticed the date. February 15th. That was today! Suddenly my heart skipped a beat. Could it really be true? I took a double take at the sign. Yes it is! Wait 1 pm? It’s close to 1:30! I rush inside and towards the stairs like my life depends on it. A employee asks me if I’m going to be seeing Erin Hunter. My family member has followed me and answers “Maybe” and then we hop on the escalator and off we go. My heart is beating like a drum, my stomach is filled with butterflies and I’m sure my hands are shaking. We make it to the top and there she is. Erin Hunter in flesh! All I could do at that moment is stare in awe like I just met a true celebrity. Everyone has had or will have that moment and mine was now. My family member, let’s call her M. M went over and asked an employee/guard if Erin was going to be wrapping up anytime soon. He said that she was going to stay as long as she could or until the line ended. I felt myself breath a sigh of relief. But then panic arose once again. I didn’t have any books with me for her to sign and I could go home! I texted my friend about Erin Hunter and how she was at the bookstore. My friend was on here way ASAP. I realized the obvious and just went and purchased a brand new book. Just my luck, her books were all over the place to help people who were in the same boat as I am. Now to the exciting part. 



Source: My Camera

Book I got signed my Erin Hunter


   Every second that ticked by waiting for my friend was absolutely brutal. All I could think was “The author could leave before my friend even gets here and our chance would vanish in a snap.” Being the slightly paranoid person I am, I was worried for a long time. After buying my book I could finally go get a wristband. It turns out that those wristbands didn’t do a thing in the world in terms of what space in line you stood. Seconds turned into many minutes. Finally all I could do was rush back upstairs and find the back of the line. Of course I was behind two obnoxious little boys who told outrageously annoying knock knock jokes. I sighed and continuously checked my phone waiting to see if my friend was on her way. My family member M was downstairs reading a book and smiled up at me. I mustered a slight grin. Waiting and waiting was all I did until my friend and her mom appeared behind me and once again a sigh of relief. The boys in front of us continued on quizzing each other on our state basketball team and saying more knock knock jokes. My friend who I will now call J informed me she had contacted a couple of our friends about the author being here at the local bookstore. One was a humongous fan who had read almost all of one of the series that the author had written. That was the one that was also out riding horses and not answering her phone. As we inched our way in line, J tried to contact our friend over and over again until she finally answered. Of course she was estatic! 

       While our friend and her sister started to come, we waited in line for exactly an hour and a half. Maybe more. As we made it to being next in line. A lady asked our names which she spelled out correctly in a sticky note each. J then explained our situation of our friends not being able to make it. She was unsure if Erin would do extra autographs or signatures for people she wouldn’t meet. Finally our turn came and I was shaking. I stepped forward next and there she was. One of my favorite authors was going to sign my book. She signed it with a special message special to the specific book. My friend took our picture as I realized how excited I was. I confessed to her I wanted to be a writer just like her. She gave me some advice I haven’t yet forgotten .”You need to be able to persevere.” Simple yet powerful. Before I knew it my time was up and it was J’s turn. My heart was still racing but I was happy. When one of our other friend that I will call R and her sister came, I walked by to go downstairs to got home. R was talking to Erin and making her laugh. Before I disappeared, I heard her say “Two of my friends were here earlier. J and Makayla.” I smiled at the authors  response. “J and Makayla? Ah yes I remember them.”

I hope you enjoyed my personal experience story. I wrote  to my best ability and would love some feedback.

Let me know if you would like some more personal experiences.

Stay tuned for hopefully daily posts and Thank you for reading!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂

imageErin Hunter



Here are some links to help you learn more about Erin Hunter



Books and Authors

Hello everyone!

i thought I would give you guys a list of some of my favorite books and authors. Since I read all the time, this is pretty tough but here it goes: (In No Order)

  1. Sarah Webb: Ask Amy Green series
  2. Lauren Brooke: Heartland series
  3. Sharon Creech
  4. John Green: Paper Towns and The Fault in our Stars
  5. Erin Hunter: Warriors and Survivors series’s
  6. Veronica Roth: Divergent series
  7. Suzanne Collins: Hunger Games series
  8. James Patterson
  9. S.E. Hinton: The Outsiders
  10. Jerry Spinelli

There is many more but these are some of my favorites. I’m hoping that maybe one of these authors catches your eye and you go and read one of their books. These are all fantastic authors who have all written several books that I love to read.

Below is a quote from each author for you to enjoy!

1. Sarah Webb:



2. Lauren Brooke:



3.Sharon Creech:



4. John Green:



5. Erin Hunter:



6. Veronica Roth:



7. Suzanne Collins:



8. James Patterson:


9. S.E Hinton:


10. Jerry Spinelli:



I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post!

Stay tuned for more amazing content and thanks for reading!

~Makayla the Bookworm

Book Review: To Catch a Mermaid  

Hello Everybody!

To be honest, I had writers block today! I should have referred to my Guide to Finding Things to Write About. For now I will just give you another book review!

This time I am reviewing To Catch a Mermaid by Suzanne Selfors. This book features some characters with some slightly strange names. Boom Broom (see what I mean?) is a young boy who lives with his father,chef, and sister. The chef is named Halvor who is all about Vikings since he claims to be a direct descendant of some famous Viking Warrior sort. Halvor only cooks fish. You might be wondering “Where’s the mother in this story?” The mom was sucked up and swept away by a stray twister. Since the father has gone depressed, paranoid, and slightly crazy about his wife’s disappearance and most likely death, the whole family is low on money. Father use to paint wonderful paintings that sold for tons of money. Now the money is disappearing. When Boom has to go and purchase some fish, he has only 3 dollars after giving away 7 out of the 10 dollars Halvor the Viking gave to him. With no money, he tries to bargain with a fisherman at the dock to get some fish. All that does is send him to the rejection bucket of unwanted sea creatures. Boom Broom finds something peculiar that changes him, his family, and those he knows forever. Read To Catch a Mermaid by Suzanne Selfors to see what the mystery creature is that Boom encounters.

Book: To Catch a Mermaid

Author: Suzanne Selfors

Ages: 8-12 most likely though I am slightly older than that.

Star Rating: 5 stars 

Would I recommend it: Yes!

Why? It’s a brilliant read that keeps you clinging to each page.

Thanks for reading yet another book review.

Just a bit of a side note; today is the 2 week anniversary of starting my blog! I will definitely do something special for the 1 month mark so stay tuned.

Stay tuned for more amazing content to come and thanks for reading!

~Makayla the Bookworm



The Story Behind my Title and Tagline

Hey everybody! It is day 2 of Blogging 101 and I have already made some changes to my blog. A brand new site title that better fits the blog and a slightly different Tagline. First of all for those new bloggers that might have stumbled across my page, a Tagline is quite simple. A Tagline is a few words that tell the purpose or what your blog is about. My Tagline doesn’t need too much explaining. My Tagline is basically saying that this blog is about books, writing, and much more. That’s 100% true and not much different then my previous one. My title is a lot different. Before it was “readersandmore” just like my URL or page link. Now it is “Random Reads!” This title better fits my page because this page has lots of pretty random content at times and is centered a lot around books and reading. I know this post isn’t as exciting as my book reviews, or holiday extravaganzas, but I just wanted to give you a shortish post about the simple, reasons behind my title and tag line.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for changes to my blog and new posts pretty much every day!

~Makayla the Bookworm