Creative Challenge #2: An Extraordinary Pet

Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you my second Creative Challenge post. This is an event that happens 1-2 times a week and is hosted by the amazing Cynthia Dawn @ There doesn’t seem to be a page for me to pingback to the original post for this prompt. This event is basically when you get a prompt by email or by going to her blog. You can write the prompt using a personal experience/ you as the main character or a fictional character.

Today`s prompt: Write a Story about an Extraordinary Pet

My story:

Savanna Willis is Florida. How did she get there? Well that’s a story for another time. Savanna is alone in a deep and dismal forest near Orlando, Florida. Savanna knows that forests aren’t what you normally think of when you think of Florida. You think of sizzling sand, clear blue ocean waves brushing the shore, and most likely Disney World with all its wonderful magic and characters galore. Savanna isn’t having a magical time. She is on a mission of a lifetime when she spots a glowing building on the horizon. “What could it be?” Is the only thought that comes into her mind. She takes a step and feels a strange tinkling creep up her leg. She looks down and sees an extraordinary sight. A minute animal sits at her feet, tickling her with its tiny tentacles. It’s like nothing Savanna has ever seen before. It is furry, so furry that all you see is 2 marble sized eyes, a smirking little mouth, and of course those blue tentacles. Savanna reaches down and gives it a little tap with her gloved hand. *WHIMPER!* A sad sound escapes from the mystery creatures mouth. Savanna instantly feels tears fill up her eyes like rain to a bucket. Suddenly out of the corner of her green grass eyes she sees a figure appear out of behind a tree. It approaches Savanna and the furry creature with caution.

“Nah who do yah think yah may be?!” The strange figure muttered in a strange Southern accent.

” I am Savanna. Who are you and do you know what this…thing is?” I say while pointing a trembling finger at the creature who has drifted off to sleep.

“I ‘m Kirk. Kirk Oswald. This here “creature” is mah pet sasquid. It’s a bahby  right now which is wah it is so small. As you may halve guessed, this is a Sasquatch (big foot) and squid mix. When yah tickle it it releases a dark an’ gooey ink substance. I call him Dawson and he is my pet.” All I could do was stand there in shock. In front of me was an extraordinary hybrid pet. One that no man (or women) had ever seen before. Kirk here had such an extraordinary pet all I could do was stare as he tipped his hat, swooped up the sasquid in his arms, and disappeared in the direction of the glowing building in the distance.

Thanks for reading my prompted story and Stay Tuned for more of these fun prompts!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀