Creative Challenges #3: Coffee

It’s time for another Creative Challenges! Here’s the ping back to the original page with the prompt:

Cynthia Dawn is an amazing person who sends out 2 creative challenges a week. Creative Challenges are prompts that are very different and unpredictable each time. You use the prompt in anyway you choose and write it using a personal experience or like I always do, a fictional character.

Prompt: Write a scene with a crisis involving coffee.

My story:

     Savanna Willis was on her way to her doom. The place that people who were bad had nightmares about. A place that sent shivers up your spine and sweat dripping down your forehead. Most people would laugh when they realize how much she had been exaggerating. Their laughter was cut off like a orange being cut with a knife when they heard who she was going to see. Savanna felt as if she may just keep traveling and traveling for endless hours. Until the car stopped  in front of the mansion of a mastermind. A man who was six feet 7 inches tall, who only went in public dressed in head to toe black, and had servants do everything from bathing him to cooking his every meal. Or in Savanna’s case, she was going to be packaging coffee for hours on end. Packaging coffee for a man who is known as “The Joker.” You may think that I’m pulling your leg, but Savanna, in just a few minutes was going to meet the foolish villain in flesh and blood.  

    Savanna took a long deep breath and let it out with a woosh as the car door opened. The house seemed to have a strange glow to it and dark clouds loomed over the roof. Beyond the house was sunny and beautiful blue skies. Only gloom existed here. Just like in horror movies. Savanna was escorted to the door and ordered to ring the door bell. “DING DONG DING!!!!” sang the doorbell almost breaking Savanna’s ear drums. “Creakkkk!” The door slowly opened and a small man stood before her. 

“Come with meh mah dear!” The man commanded in his thick accent. Savanna could feel her arm hair stand on end as she was lead down 5 flights of stairs. The lights flickered above the stairs. “Creakkkk!” went yet another door. They needed to oil these doors! The room before her was dimly lit and was filled with rows of tables and you guessed it, coffee beans. Savanna was lead once again by the small man who said she was to call him Bean. A door sat in the corner of the room. It was painted a goolish black and had real spikes sticking out from the other side. One wrong move and you could  end up with those spikes coming out of you. “Creeeeak!” These doors were really getting to Savanna but she sighed and followed bean into a small room that contained a desk, chair, and about a million filing cabinets.

“Hello my pretty!” A voice boomed from the corner of the room making Savanna jump out of her skin.

” You must be the little girl who I enlisted to package my wonderful coffee called Joker’s Jungle Pain!” Savanna gulped and gave a small nod.

You can get to work little girl.”

“The name’s Savanna…”

“Ah yes, Savanna! Like I said you can get to work right away!” His voice echoed throughout the small room. How was that possible? Nobody would ever know.

“Bean can show you what to do but I can assure you, it should be fairly straight forward.” He gave his signature laugh. Savanna slowly followed Bean out of the room and into the huge room. Bean explained everything that was to be done. As soon as he could tell that Savanna understood everything that was to be done, he rushed off with his shirt tails flying. Hours past and sweat poured down Savanna’s head like an endless river. Suddenly the lights flickered as soon as Savanna started to pack the bags full of coffee beans. She turned on the conveyer belt and the lights when out. “Oh no! I can’t make sure the coffee beans go in the correct direction!” was all that Savanna could think. *Bang, Sssssss* The sound of hundreds of coffee beans falling all over the floor filed the room. Of course the lights came back on and mountains of coffee beans coated the floor.

“SAVANNA!” The Jokers voice echoed throughout the large mansion. What a coffee disaster this turned out to be.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more creative challenges straight from my inbox to your Reader!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂




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