Creative Challenges: Leaving Everything Behind

Today I’m bringing you another creative challenge. I’m getting behind so you might see some of these close together. If you’re new here, Creative Challenge is a weekly event that happens every Tuesday and Friday. Cynthia Dawn hosts the event and sends out the challenges. One special one for the subscribers and one for everyone. You get a prompt and write a story using a personal experience or like I do, a fictional character.

Prompt: Write about someone who leaves everything behind.

Savanna Willis polishes her riding boots. Her wavy hair is already in her signature braid and her riding helmet has already been placed on her head. She’s ready to go ride. Riding is something she has done for a long time. Since she was 5 years old to be exact. Savanna wants to be an award winning dressage rider. Her dream feels like it’s being crushed every day. Her mother thinks horses are dangerous after her father almost got killed when a horse fell on top of him. He can’t ride again and he has a permanent limp. If you ask her, Savanna thinks that her mom should just concentrate on the fact that her dad is still alive!

Unfortunately her mom blames the horse who  almost killed her dad. That horse happens to be the mischievous chestnut Sandy. Savanna’s horse is an Arabian named Jesse. Jesse is well behaved and has a bright future. Anyone can see that. Her mom thinks that all horses are just like Sandy. Mischievous and dangerous. If her mom gets her way, Savanna will have to kiss her dream and her horses good bye. If she gets her way, Jesse will be winning awards and impressing judges in no time. Her dad is pretty neutral. After the accident he stays far away from horses but he still supports Savanna’s dream. The bottom line is he tries not to mess with his wife’s choices since he doesn’t have much of a veto. 

As she runs down the stairs, her mom yells:

“Savanna! I need to talk to you?” Savanna sighs and slinks into the kitchen

“Yes mom? I was just about to go ride Jesse. You know we have a big show this weekend.”

“About that Savanna… I need to talk to you about Jesse.”

“What’s up mom?” Her mom seems to gulp and Savanna can tell this isn’t going to be good news.

“Savanna….” Her mom pauses and takes a deep breath. “I found someone to buy Sandy and someone else is interested in Jesse.” Savanna feels a flame start to ignite inside of her.

“MOM?! How could you do this?” Tears start to fill her eyes.

“Now honey.. You know how I feel about..” Savanna cuts her off.

“You don’t understand do you? Horses are my life. Strangely enough they helped me through dad’s recovery… It’s too late now.” Savanna knows what she’s going to do. She marches up stairs, ignoring her mom’s shouting. In less then an hour she has everything she needs to leave. Next she grabs a rope and quietly shimmies out the window, down the side of the house, and finally landing with a soft thump in the dying green grass. Looking left and right and then rushing towards the stables. The next sack is filled with supplies for Jesse. Through the window, Savanna can see her mom getting ready to leave. Savanna hurries up and mounts onto Jesse after all the sacks are tied to his saddle. She trouts down the road and out of sight. She’s leaving everything behind and never looking back.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂