School Year Blog Posting!

Hello everyone! As you know, the new school year is just around the corner. For some it is already underway. That means that my blogging schedule will be changing quite a lot. I have a bit of an idea when I will and won’t be posting. This schedule is not 100% foolproof and may change once I see how well it works.

Monday: Mondays will be Creative Challenge Days. I am very behind on creative challenges so this will give me the opportunity to both catch up and give you guys a day full of writing. A story from both the past Tuesday and Friday will be posted starting August 31st or this coming Monday.


Tuesday: I’ve found that Top Ten Tuesday’s are really fun and entertaining. These will continue to happen every Tuesday. It’s going to be tough to get them up since I have no idea how busy my days will be. It’ll be quite a problem since unlike the Creative Challenges, I can’t go and write them up ahead of time. These weekly memes are sent to me via email. I promise to do the best I can to get them on ASAP.


Wednesday: As always, Wednesdays will be my What I’m Reading Wednesday’s. I’ll continue to share amazing books with you that I have been reading. I will put my 100% into making sure that these posts have as good quality as they have up until now.


Thursday: Thursday I honestly have no scheduled blog posts. Thursday’s are the days that homework is the most plentiful. If I have an idea that I can fit into my day, I’ll post. If nothing comes to mind or I don’t have enough time or a prewritten post, There’ll be no posts on Thursday.


Friday: Just like Thursday, Friday’s are one of the days where I may not post. Friday is the end of the school week and is normally when I like to relax and have a bit of fun before tackling the homework load. There mY be a short or pre- written post. If not then no blog post for Friday.


Saturday: Saturday will be my big planning day. Starting this coming Saturday, I will be pre writing and planning out the upcoming posts for the week. I will most likely catch up on Tags and Awards or a random Book Review on this day.


Sunday: Sunday’s are the days where I procrastinate to. I spend Saturday and Sunday doing my homework. I may post on this day since I normally have some breathing room. It all depends on my spur of ideas.


I know this isn’t that exciting of a post but I tried to spice it up with some fun pictures!

Let me know below what you think of the new schedule!

Thanks for Reading and Stay tuned for more 😀

~Makayla the Bookworm :]


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