The Fandom Book Tag!!

Hello everyone! I was nominated by My Tiny Obsessions. I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday but this post took some serious planning and work.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Find as many books that fall into each fandom category as you can.
  3. List the fandoms you couldn’t find an answer for so others can try to see if they can find them.
  4. Nominate a few fellow bloggers to do the tag too 😀
  5. Personally let them know they’ve been nominated.

Without further ado here we go!

Doctor Who- A book with a (mostly) blue cover.

imageWonder by R.J. Palacio

Marvel- A book with a (mostly) red cover.

image   Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

 The Simpsons- A book with a (mostly) yellow cover.

image The complete adventures of Curious George by Margret and H.A. Rey

Harry Potter- A book featuring Magic

image The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osbourne

SuperNatural- A book where the main character comes back to life.

image Every Day by David Levithan

Charmed- A book about sisters.

image Sisters by Raina Tegemeier

The Fault in Our Stars- A book about a cancer patient.

image After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick (The last name might be incorrect)

Percy Jackson- A book based on Greek Myths

image  The Son of Neptune by Rick Riodan (I have not read this book)

Grimm- A book that features a monster

image Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Merlin- A book or series that you wish had gone on longer.

(This is only one of many books/series that fit under this.)

image The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

Star Trek- A book that takes place in space.

image Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl

(98% of this book takes place in space)

Orphan Black- A book about clones/cloning

image Jurassic Park by. Michael Crichton

(I have not read the book above)

The Hunger Games- A book in which kids/teens are murdered or die.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer- A book featuring a bada** heroine.

image Tris Prior from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth

Fandoms I couldn’t find an answer for:

  • Sherlock- A book featuring a psychopath/sociopath
  • Breaking Bad- A book revolving around drugs
  • Game of Thrones- A book featuring dragons
  • Futurama- A book featuring robots
  • Heros- A book featuring humans with powers
  •  Pretty Little Liars- A book in which people get blackmailed
  • Once Upon a Time- A book inspired by fairytales
  • The Walking Dead- A book about zombies
  • The Maze Runner- A book about an incurable disease
  • Lord of the Rings- A book featuring elves
  • Firefly- A book that not many people know about but you LOVE
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D- A book about an agency or secret government
  • Frozen- A book that takes place in winter or in a cold climate.

The couldn’t find list is a lot longer than the could find list. Believe me I tried.

I nominate:




@partners in books

@How to Read Books



(I apologize that I forgot to add the @ symbol before your name for a few of you.)

Don’t forget to let your nominees know they have been nominated!

I seriously worked hard on this post so I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tags!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂

Question: Which of the fandoms featured are you apart of?

Comment below!

What I’m Reading Wednesday’s!!

Hello everyone! Today I’m doing another What I’m Reading Wednesday’s! Sorry for not posting yesterday. Once school starts I won’t be posting as much and when I do, it will most likely be posts that were written ahead of time. If you don’t know what this weekly event  is, then I recommend you check out this link:


Today’s books I’m reading right now.

The first one is called P.S. Be Eleven by Rita Williams Garcia. It is the sequel to One Crazy Summer which I am yet to read since I read this 3 book series backwards. The 3rd book is called Gone Crazy In Alabama and it has been featured in either another What I’m Reading Wednesday’s or a book review.



Delphine, Vonetta and Fern just got back from visiting their mom Cecile and the Black Panthers in Oakland. Things are changing in the Gaithersburg household. The sisters have a new found independence, Pa has a girlfriend, and Uncle Darnell is back from Vietnam but he’s not the same. A new found  group called the Jackson Five has the girls “seeing stars.” All of this is going on and Big Ma still expects Delphine to be responsible and keep her sisters in line. This isn’t easy since her sisters refuse to be bossed around and Pa’s girlfriend is weighing in with her own opinions. By writing letters, Delphine confides to her mom Cecile who reminds her to not grow up too fast and be eleven while she can.

Book: P.S. Be Eleven

Author Rita Williams-Garcia

My Rating so far: 10/10 or 5 stars *****

Author Facts:

1.  Rita was born April 13th, 1957 in Queens, New York City, NY.

2. She sold her first short story to Highlights Magazine at 14.

3. Rita published her first book at 30 years old.

Age range: 8-12. I am a bit older then this range.

Do I recommend it? Yes! It is a great book with lots of adventure and action as well as family love. It helps if you read the series in order starting with One Crazy Summer. I read the last book first so it spoiled the book conflict for me.

Second book: 

Teacher’s Pet by Laurie Halse Anderson

This is the 7th book in the so far 15-16 book series. These books have been featured quite a few times on my blog and finding author facts has been getting harder and harder but I’ll try my best.


This book is told from the point of Maggie Mackenzie.


Maggie is starting middle school and it is quickly turning into her worst nightmare with crowded halls and a mountain of homework every night. The only class where she feels comfortable is science. Her teacher, Mr. Carlson, has many critters in his  room including his new guide dog who helps him get around. Mr. Carlson is blind and is having trouble getting used to being back on the job after a year and getting used to a new companion. Maggie is eager to help Mr. Carlson get used to his new companion but her grades prove that she needs to be studying and spending less time with the animals she loves so much. How is she going to survive 7th grade?

Book: Teacher’s Pet

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

My rating so far: 10/10 or 5 stars *****

Author Facts:

1.  Laurie Halse Anderson’s Twitter has 31.9k followers.

2. Laurie began publishing her own books in 1996.

3. Before writing, she spent time with family and worked as a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Age Range: 8 and up.

Do I recommend it? Yes! It is a great book that is so relatable just like the rest of the series. I recommend that you start from book number one and work your way through the series if you are interested in it.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more content! Next week I’ll be releasing my school year blogging plan so stay tuned for that as well!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀




50 Posts and 50 Followers!

Hello everyone! Today I have reached a double milestone. I have posted 50 (now 51) posts and 50 followers!



Thank you to all 50 of my followers! Without all of you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I owe all my thanks especially for those of you who like, comment, follow, and occasionally share.  Thank you to my email followers who are devoted to my blog even though they aren’t on WordPress.

Thank you for all the support and Stay tuned for posts that will continue throughout the school year as best as I can get them out.

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂


The Summer Madness Book Tag!

Hello! Today I am bringing you the Summer Madness Book Tag.

Thank you My Tiny Obsessions for nominating me for another amazing tag.

There are no specific rules so here are my rules:

1.  Thank the person(s) who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions that the nominator answered.

3. Nominate some people to do the tag.

4. Let your nominees know they have been nominated.

Here are my answers to the questions/objectives:

1.  Show a summery book cover!




Lemonade Wars by Jacqueline Davies.

2. Pick one fictional place that would be a perfect destination for a summer vacation.

Willa Wonka’s Chocolate Factory from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Daul would be an amazing place for a summer vacation!




3. You’re about to go on a flight to your summer vacation, but you want to read a book that lasts the whole flight. What novel do you choose?

It definitely depends on how far away the destination is, but I would pick Allegiant by Veronica Roth since it’s long and I need to read it as well.




4. You have a case of summertime  sadness. What happy book do you pick up to shine a smile on your face?

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins has a happy ending so that would definitely entertain me and help me feel better.


5.  You’re sitting at the beach all alone… Which fictional character would be your beach babe?

Quentin from Paper Towns is caring, funny, and will do anything for you. He would definitely be my beach babe.



6.  To match your ice cream you want an icy cool sidekick. Who do you pick?

My sidekick would be Hazel Grace Lancaster from the Fault in Our Stars.


Now you can answer the questions!

1. Show a summery book cover!

2. Pick one fictional place that would be a perfect destination for a summer vacation.

3. You’re about to go on a flight to your summer vacation, but you want to read a book that lasts the whole flight. What novel do you choose?

4. You have a case of summertime sadness. What happy book do you pick up to shine a smile on your face?

5. You’re sitting at the beach all alone… Which fictional character would be your beach babe?

6. To match your ice cream you want an icy cool sidekick. Who do you pick?

 I nominate:

@Emily The Diary of a Bibliophile

@dailywriter Think Outside


Erika and  Miedjel Partners in Books

Tori Bookdreamers24

Analee Book Snacks

Good luck and don’t forget to let your nominees know they’ve been nominated them or do like I did in this tag and link back (ping back) to their blog.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for many more tags!

~Makayla the Bookworm  😛





The Just For Fun Award (created by whereshappy)

Hello everyone! I finally have time to post! Today I am doing the Just For Fun Award. I have been nominated by @whereshappy. You can link your response back (ping back) or reblog her original post here: She would love to see how far her brand new award can travel.


(Don’t forget to include the award in your post!)

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you

2. Link back (Ping Back)  to the tag`s creators page (See above) or just reblog the original post.

3. Answer the questions given by nominator.

4. Create questions that are silly and fun.

5. Nominate anyone you like to participate, but think of people who have a good sense of humor and can play along.

6. This tag is just for fun and a way to get to know everyone.

7. As always, not participating or answering “no” is perfectly acceptable for me and everyone else.

Thank you @whereshappy for creating this fun tag and nominating me and everyone who read the post to participate.

Below are the questions given by my nominator and my responses:

Can you name one bad habit, of other people, that drives you crazy? Why does it bother you so much?

I absolutely don’t like it when people chew with their mouth open. Nobody needs to see that and its downright disgusting. Everyone shows off their food by accident every once in a while but there are people that do that all the time!

If you had to eat a rat how would you prepare it?

Well first of all, I would try not to eat it but maybe BBQ and then seasoning really well and finishing off with a ton of BBQ sauce. That just might make it worse though.

What was your favorite musical group in Junior High?

I may be in Junior High right now (*wink*) My favorite music group was and still partially is One Direction. 

What was the greatest invention of your lifetime? Why do you think that?

Electronics are at the top of the list. They help you connect with friends, family and people all over the world. It`s also good when you need some entertainment of course 🙂

What movie title would describe your life?

I had to honestly look up a title but Roller Coaster fits my life description. There are some pretty bad themed roller coaster movies so only the title applies.

Who would you name the worst actor/actress in Hollywood and why?

Another tough question.. No one comes to mind right now.

Do you still sleep with a teddy bear?

I`m not going to answer this one…

What is your go to song to sing in the shower?

I don’t sing a whole lot in the shower but when I do its normally a song I have stuck in my head.

Can you fake any accents?

British, Irish, and Australian. I do pretty terrible though. People at school tell me I can do a good Australian-Jamaican accent. I don’t know if that’s offensive or not.

Who is your celebrity crush?

That’s a tough question… I`ve had many celebrity crushes… Cameron Boyce on Disney Channel and Disney XD is pretty cute though lol.

What cinematic guilty pleasure do you hide from everyone?

My love of One Direction and my obsession with Minecraft.

What makes you feel young?

I am quite a bit younger then the majority of the bloggers on here. Spending time with my family helps me feel even younger 😀

What was the first concert you ever attended?

I am yet to attend any concerts sadly.

If you are reading a book and it is really terrible do you continue reading to the end, hoping that it gets better, or do you dump it right then and there?  (I always ask this of all my prey.)

If it`s that bad I just ditch it. Luckily I am very picky with my books so I rarely come across a book that’s bad.

I nominate:

Everyone that chooses to participate! Don’t forget to let your nominees know they have been nominated!

My questions for you:

  1.  What is one embarrassing moment you have experienced?
  2. What animal would you like to become and why?
  3. Have you ever thought of deleting your blog?
  4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
  5. What is the most unique food you have had?
  6. What is your least favorite food?
  7. Would you rather be sneezed on everywhere you went or coughed on by your teacher every time you got a good grade?
  8. What was one of your dream jobs that you had as a kid?
  9. Who is your biggest inspiration?
  10. What is your favorite season?
  11. What season accures during your birthday month?
  12. What is your favorite holiday and why?
  13. What was your least favorite movie?
  14. What is the best advice you have been given?

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more tags to come 😀

~Makayla the Bookworm ❤

Liebster Award!

Today I’m finally getting around to doing the Liebster Award. Thank you to @outsidehook for nominating me! The Liebster Award is a exclusive award for bloggers with 200 or less followers. It’s a way to shed some light on less known blogs and give them a moment or two to shine.


Here are the rules:


@outsidehook has given me 11 questions to answer. Go check out their blog here:

What is your favorite exotic or cultural food?

I absolutely love Mexican Food.
If you could become a book character who would you be?

That’s pretty tough cause I’ve read so many books but one character would be Katniss Everdeen cause she’s so tough and stands up for what she believes in.
Fantasy or Contemporary fiction?

Fantasy all the way.
What 3 items would you have with you if you were stranded on an island?

A good book, A comfortable pillow and everything I need to survive (That’s way more then 3.)
Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Fruit toppings or candy toppings?

Frozen yogurt and candy all the way!
What is your favorite restaurant?

Thats pretty tough but I love the Old Spaghetti Factory!
What is a beautiful picture you’ve seen or taken recently? Could be of nature, of a book, of your cat,surprise me!

Hmm.. I haven’t looked at any pictures recently but I just took an adorable picture of my cat.

If you could wear only one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

T shirt, shorts and flip flops.
Who is your favorite fictional person (from book or TV)?

Lots of people are going to hate me but I don’t like Harry Potter.
Who’s your least favorite fictional person? 😛

Is this a lie?

Nope. I haven’t read any books or seen any of the Harry Potter movies.


11 Random facts about me!

  1. I’m under 18 and a blogger 🙂
  2. I have two cats who I’ve had since 2009
  3. I’ve read over 30 books alone this summer.
  4.  I’m not a very neat person.
  5. I’ve never been camping before.
  6. I have purple glasses o-o
  7. School starts for me on September 1st.
  8. I love to go to the library and go pretty much every weekend.
  9. I plan to start writing a book ASAP but I’m procrastinating way too much.
  10. My favorite subjects are English and Science
  11. My least favorite are Wellness and Math.


Here are are my nominations (Nominees have to have 200 followers or less)

Note: I have stretched the rules due to the fact that the majority of the followers exceed the limit of 200 followers. I have nominated people 200 or less as well as people I would just like to see participate even if they don’t qualify. Thank you for understanding 🙂


200 and under:






201 and over:









Don’t forget to let your nominees know they have been nominated by including the links to their pages or commenting on a recent post or about page.

Below are my 11 questions for my nominees:

  1. What food can you not live without?
  2. Where is your dream vacation?
  3. What was one of your favorite childhood books?
  4. What is your favorite brand of candy?
  5. What is the most valuable(s)  thing you own?
  6. Do you have any favorite board games?
  7. If so, What?
  8. What is your favorite app on your phone/iPad
  9. What at is your dream car?
  10. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
  11. Where is your favorite place in your house?

Best of luck and Thanks for reading!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂

Creative Challenges: Leaving Everything Behind

Today I’m bringing you another creative challenge. I’m getting behind so you might see some of these close together. If you’re new here, Creative Challenge is a weekly event that happens every Tuesday and Friday. Cynthia Dawn hosts the event and sends out the challenges. One special one for the subscribers and one for everyone. You get a prompt and write a story using a personal experience or like I do, a fictional character.

Prompt: Write about someone who leaves everything behind.

Savanna Willis polishes her riding boots. Her wavy hair is already in her signature braid and her riding helmet has already been placed on her head. She’s ready to go ride. Riding is something she has done for a long time. Since she was 5 years old to be exact. Savanna wants to be an award winning dressage rider. Her dream feels like it’s being crushed every day. Her mother thinks horses are dangerous after her father almost got killed when a horse fell on top of him. He can’t ride again and he has a permanent limp. If you ask her, Savanna thinks that her mom should just concentrate on the fact that her dad is still alive!

Unfortunately her mom blames the horse who  almost killed her dad. That horse happens to be the mischievous chestnut Sandy. Savanna’s horse is an Arabian named Jesse. Jesse is well behaved and has a bright future. Anyone can see that. Her mom thinks that all horses are just like Sandy. Mischievous and dangerous. If her mom gets her way, Savanna will have to kiss her dream and her horses good bye. If she gets her way, Jesse will be winning awards and impressing judges in no time. Her dad is pretty neutral. After the accident he stays far away from horses but he still supports Savanna’s dream. The bottom line is he tries not to mess with his wife’s choices since he doesn’t have much of a veto. 

As she runs down the stairs, her mom yells:

“Savanna! I need to talk to you?” Savanna sighs and slinks into the kitchen

“Yes mom? I was just about to go ride Jesse. You know we have a big show this weekend.”

“About that Savanna… I need to talk to you about Jesse.”

“What’s up mom?” Her mom seems to gulp and Savanna can tell this isn’t going to be good news.

“Savanna….” Her mom pauses and takes a deep breath. “I found someone to buy Sandy and someone else is interested in Jesse.” Savanna feels a flame start to ignite inside of her.

“MOM?! How could you do this?” Tears start to fill her eyes.

“Now honey.. You know how I feel about..” Savanna cuts her off.

“You don’t understand do you? Horses are my life. Strangely enough they helped me through dad’s recovery… It’s too late now.” Savanna knows what she’s going to do. She marches up stairs, ignoring her mom’s shouting. In less then an hour she has everything she needs to leave. Next she grabs a rope and quietly shimmies out the window, down the side of the house, and finally landing with a soft thump in the dying green grass. Looking left and right and then rushing towards the stables. The next sack is filled with supplies for Jesse. Through the window, Savanna can see her mom getting ready to leave. Savanna hurries up and mounts onto Jesse after all the sacks are tied to his saddle. She trouts down the road and out of sight. She’s leaving everything behind and never looking back.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂



What I’m Reading Wednesday’s!

Hello and welcome to What I’m Reading Wednesday’s! The two featured books I am indeed reading right now.


The first book is called “Remarkable” by Lizzie K. Foley.



This book is set in the mountain town of Remarkable. Remarkable is home to extraordinarily gifted, extraordinarily  talented, or just plain extraordinary. The one exception to that is a 10 year old girl named Jane Doe who is the most average and untalented person who ever lived in Remarkable. The only exception to that is her Grandpa John who is forgotten by everyone. Jane is the only student not attending Remarkable’s School for the Remarkably Gifted. Everything changes when the troublesome and downright criminal Grimlet twins enroll as the 2nd and 3rd students at the ordinarily average public schopl Jane attends. On top of that a strange pirate captain arrives in town to live in the mansion at the top of the hill which is said to be extremely haunted. Join Jane and many more characters on a series of adventures that pits some of Remarkable’s most infamous inhabitants and their secrets in danger.

Book: Remarkable

Author: Lizzie K. Foley

My rating: 8.5/10 (so far)

Author facts:

  1. Lizzie K. Foley was born and raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
  2. The town of Remarkable is partially based on Los Alamos.
  3. Lizzie’s last name Foley roughly translates to pirate.


The second book is the 5th book in the “Vet Volunteers series” by Laurie Halse Anderson

The book is called Say Goodbye 



Yum Yum is an adorable shin tzu who is one Zoe’s favorite clients. Zoe is the cousin of Maggie Mackenzie and the niece of Dr. Mackenzie. She is staying with the Mackenzie’s who own a veterinarian office while her mom is auditioning and starring on TV shows. Zoe loves Yum Yum because he is small enough to fit in a purse and is obedient unlike her puppy Sneakers. When Yum Yum and Zoe visit cancer patients, Zoe is surprised by how much joy Yum Yum brings to the patients. Disaster strikes when Yum Yum is diagnosed with cancer. How will Zoe help him pull through?

Book: Vet Volunteers: Say Goodbye

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson 

My rating: 10/10 

(I have done Laurie Halse Anderson a couple of times before so it will get harder to find facts.)

Author Facts:

  1. Laurie never intended to become an author. She had several jobs before like cow milking.
  2. Anderson has written YA and Children’s books and book series’s.
  3. The first book of the Vet Volunteers series was published in 2007.




Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more amazing posts!

~Makayla the Bookworm ❤

The Reading Habits Tag

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been doing tags and awards a ton but amazing people like @MyTinyObsessions think I deserve to participate in these fun and amazing things. Thank you to @MyTinyObsessions and everyone else who has nominated me for a tag, award, or challenge. Not too many rules just thank the person(s) who nominated you, answer the questions, and nominate 3 or more people to do the tag

Now it’s my turn to answer the questions!

  1. Do you have a certain place for reading? I love to read in my bed
  2. Bookmark or random piece of paper? Bookmark. I only use a random piece of paper if I don’t have a bookmark.
  3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a certain chapter or number of pages? I have to eventually make myself stop reading at no particular point.
  4. Do you eat or drink while reading? Nope just me and the book 🙂 
  5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading? Are you kidding me? I get way too distracted way  too easily. 
  6. One book at a time or several at once? Several at once. 2 now but sometimes 3 once school starts.
  7. Reading at home or everywhere? I prefer at home. When I’m in a form of transportation I get nauseous and I never seem to read on vacation.
  8. Reading outloud or silently in your head? In my head. I only read out loud when reading to my cats.
  9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages? I only read ahead if I’m a bit nervous about the boom to make sure it turns out okay. I never skip pages.
  10. Breaking the spine or keeping it good as new? Most books I get from the library so I have to keep them decent. My own books stay in pretty good condition since I don’t read them too much.
  11. Do you write in your books? Nope! The closest I get is writing on sticky notes for school.

Below is the template to copy and paste into your own post.

Do you have a certain place for reading?
Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a certain chapter or number of pages?
Do you eat or drink while reading?
Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?
One book at a time or several at once?
Reading at home or everywhere?
Reading outloud or silently in your head?
Do you read ahead or even skip pages?
Breaking the spine or keeping it good as new?
Do you write in your books?

I nominate:






You don’t have to but it’s best to let the people you nominate know they have been nominated.

Best of luck!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more challenges, awards, and tags.

~Makayla the Bookworm [^_^]



The Blogger Recognization Award

Today I have been nominated for another award called the Blogger Recogization Award. This award has quite a few rules so without further a do; Here they are:


  • Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Tonight:
  • Write a post to show off your award!

-Give a brief story about how your blog got started

-Give a few words of advice to other bloggers

-Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

-Make sure to attach the picture of the award (Either hold down or right click on photo at bottom of page, save the photo and insert it into the post and provide source if you feel needed)

  • Nominate 15 other bloggers to give the award to (not including yourself or the person(s) who nominated you
  • Let the bloggers nominated know they have been nominated and provide a link to the award post.

My blog begins:

On June 23rd 2015, (I haven’t been blogging long) I decided to start my blog. I had just finished reading the book Genie Wishes by Elisabeth Daul that I have raved about a few times. The book was about a girl named Genie who becomes the class blogger and finds herself. That book was enough motivation to begin blogging. Not a very exciting story but that’s how Random Reads! (Originally called Readersandmore) was created.

My words of advice to new and experienced bloggers:

-Blog about something you enjoy!

Its not fun when you feel forced to blog about something you don’t enjoy. Blogging is supposed to be fun not work or a dreaded activity.

-Be Yourself!

I know this is something that is told to you by everyone from your teachers to your grandmother but it’s true.  Nobody wants to read a blog post that sounds strained or forced. They want to read a post by someone who knows what they’re saying, has personality and has the ability to keep readers engaged.

-Try to be organized!

I personally don’t have a blogging schedule or planning ahead posts but I know how important that is. When school starts and life becomes more rushed and busy, it’s important to know what your priorities are. That way there you have less stress and more time to spend doing homework, grading tests, or whatever you may need to do that is school or occasionally relaxing related.

-Don’t give up!

No matter what don’t give up! I know it’s something that everyone tells you but followers and viewers don’t just start pouring in right away. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if anyone would even read my blog. Now I have around 40 followers and I get at least one new one a day. If I had given up I wouldn’t be where I am today. No matter how much you want to give up, just stay positive and keep posting!

I am nominating:
















Phew! That’s a lot of people! I apologize if you have already done or been nominated for this award. I don’t have much of a way of knowing that unless I’ve read your post or you nominated me. I can’t wait to hear your blog’s origin and what advice you have to offer.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more posts to come today!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂

Below is the award. Directions on how to put it into your own post is above in  the rules.

Best of luck!


Source: Edge of Tonight