What I’m Reading Wednesday’s!

Hey Everyone! Just a couple of things before I begin: I’m sorry that I didn’t do Top Ten Tuesday’s but I honestly didn’t have anything for the topic and didn’t have time to modify the topic. I’ll do my best to do next week’s. Second, I have yet another Vet Volunteers book by Laurie Halse Anderson. Since I’m on book 10 right now, I will no longer be doing author facts because I have quite honestly ran out of sources that have new facts. I’ll instead replace it with something else like facts about her (Laurie’s hometown.) Thanks for understanding 🙂

Today is What I’m Reading Wednesday’s. If you haven’t seen this weekly event before, I suggest you check out the link here.


The first book is called “Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms by Katherine Rundell.



Wilhelmina Silver or Will has a perfect world. She lives half-wild on an African farm with her horse, monkey, and best friend, Will feels like everyday is beautiful. One day her wonderful world comes crashing down when the farm is sold and Will is sent off to a boarding school in England. Her whole world becomes extremely difficult and harsh. Lions and hyenas are totally different to the mean school girls she has to deal with. Where can she escape to in London, and will she have the courage to survive? Read the book to find out!

Book: Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms

Author: Katherine Rundell

My Rating: 10/10 or 5 stars

Author Facts:

  1. Katherine grew up in Zimbabwe, Brussels, and London.
  2. She was born in 1987
  3. Her Twitter has more tweets then followers.

Would I recommend it? Yes! It’s an amazing book full of adventure and mystery that really keeps you wondering exactly what’s going to happen next.

The next book is called “Vet Volunteers Time to Fly” by Laurie Halse Anderson.


Zoe has something unusual in her backyard. A flock of colorful parrots that have mysteriously showed up. She has no idea where they came from or how well they can survive outside their natural habitats. They aren’t nearly as big of a surprise as the sight of her mom who comes without warning, from California. After leaving her behind for almost a year, Zoe’s mom wants her to move back to her new home in California with her. Zoe’s been waiting for many months to hear those words. Why does leaving Dr. Mac’s place seem a lot harder then she expected?

Book: Vet Volunteers Time to Fly.


Author: Laurie Halse Anderson.

My Rating: 10/10 or 5 stars

Author Current Home  Facts:

  1. Potsdam, New York has more males then females.
  2. The median (middle) age is 20.5 years old.
  3. 86.6% of residents are “white alone.”

Do I recommend it? Yes! It’s a great book but is really short at 120 pages or less. I love the series because it’s centered around all different kinds of animals.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂