Blogging 201 Day #1: Lets Set Some Goals!

Hello everyone! This is my first post for Blogging 201. If you are unfamiliar with the two week course, I suggest you check out the link here. Today’s assignment is to set 3 goals for your blog. While I have set goals before, these ones will be more specific and number based.

Blog Goals:

  1. Interact with my Followers At Least Once a week.

What that means to me is commenting, viewing, and liking their blogs and posts at least once a week. This will be quite tough since I have around 70 followers minus my email followers who don’t have a blog (You guys are still important!) I want to interact more with my followers and show them that I really appreciate their tag, challenge, and award nominations, views, comments, and more.

2. Hit 100 followers by October 14th.

This goal may be a bit harder to achieve. I have roughly 4 and a half weeks to go from around 70 followers to 100. I will continue to post as much as possible and let the viewers of my blog decide if I am worthy of their time. It’s as simple as that. I can’t force people to follow me and read my content. Only time will tell if this will happen.

3. Do some interviews and Guest blogging in the next few months.

I’ve always been so interested in guest blogging and interviewing. Of course I won’t be a pro at first but I will work hard. I would love to interview writers, popular book bloggers, and pretty much anyone that would fit in with the rest of my content. Same goes with the guest blogging. Anyone who shares my love for reading, writing, and/or books can guest blog/collab anytime! I want to get more into that. If you’re interested, let me know 🙂

Thats it! I will keep track of these goals in some way. Stay tuned for the next Blogging 201 assignment!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂



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