Creative Challenges: So Far Gone.

Hello everyone! It’s Creative Challenge Day. If you are unfamiliar with Creative Challenges, here’s the gist: Creative Challenges is a twice weekly event that is hosted by Cynthia Dawn. Cynthia sends out two prompts by email every week. One is for everyone, and the other is for email subscribers only. All you have to do is take the prompt and write a story. The story can either be based off a personal experience or like I do, using a fictional character.

Prompt: His life wasn’t always like this. How did he get here?

My Story:

Paco Hernandez stands alone. His barefeet are covered in bruises and dirt. His clothes are tattered and gritty. Paco’s red hair is in a knotted mess and pointing in several directions. His only belongings are his dog Lupe and a ratty old sleeping bag. His hands have many cuts from holding the cardboard sign. Yes, Paco is homeless. But he hasn’t always been. His life was once wonderful. He was married to a loving wife named Darla. They had three kids named Maribel, José, and Carmen. Darla filed for divorce 5 years ago and took their kids with her. She sold the house and left him on the street. Once his boss heard he didn’t have a home anymore, he was fired when he came to work barefoot and dirty. Now he lived on whatever food he could find. Paco is awfully skinny and his dog’s fur is matted and needs to be groomed. Nobody gives Paco money. It could be because of his mean expression. Maybe they think he’s like the others who turn the money into alcohol and cigarettes. All he needs is some money to get by. But nobody will help him. So there he sits. On the corner of 6th and Main, holding his sign while car after car drives by.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀



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