Writing 101 Day #3: One Word Prompt.

Hello Everyone 🙂 It`s time for another Writing 101. If you don’t know what this 4 week blogging course is then I suggest that you check out my post here.

I am very behind on these prompts because of school and my massive load of homework that I already have. I will be trying to catch up on these the best I can.

Day 3’s objective is to take a word provided by the wonderful people at Writing 101 and turn it into whatever you want. Out of all the words I have chosen the word “Regret.” I have chosen to write a short poem.


Peering into the music shop window

Once a day

Maybe more

I look at that shiny black guitar sitting in its shiny stand

If only I could afford the beauty

But Wal-Mart doesn’t pay nearly enough

Everyday All I can do is look

Never touch nor question

I`ve asked my parents time and time again

But since I`m 18 they always decline

It has gotten to the point that I`ve gone to Law School

I rarely get a break

One winter morning I came on home

And went straight to the music store

My heart skipped a beat

That beautiful guitar is gone

Oh how I regret not getting some sort of loan or asking for a discount

Now the beautiful guitar is gone

I stumble home and up to my room

My heart has sunk

My shoulders sag

Suddenly my eyes brighten

My shoulders rise

My heart beats happily

On my bed is that guitar

With a note

The note says “You`ve earned it champ! -Dad”

I hug guitar and play a celebration song.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more 😀

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂