Creative Challenges: At This Moment…

Hey everyone! Time for Creative Challenge #2! If you are unfamiliar with this twice weekly event then here’s the run down: Creative Challenges is a weekly event that happens every Tuesday and Friday. One of them is for everyone, and the other is for email subscribers only. The amazing Cynthia Dawn runs this event. She sends out these creative challenges by email or on her blog. She sends out a prompt and all you have to do is take the prompt and write a story either based off of a personal experience or as I do, with a fictional character.

Prompt #2: This moment something is going to happen. You’re waiting for it. What is it?

My Story:

Leo Wallis feels a laugh ripple through him. He’s sitting with his girlfriend Rylee. There both 22 and have so much in common. That must be why they’ve been dating for 2 years and spending time together even longer. That’s why he knows this is the moment. His heart skips a beat and he can feel his palms sweating. He’s so excited but nervous at the same time. “Will she say yes?” Is flying through his mind over and over again. Leo pauses and takes a moment to take in the scene. He doesn’t ever want to forget this moment. They’re at their favorite park. A baby is crying in the distance. A kid runs by laughing as his father chases him. A group of teenage girls sit and gossip at a group of tables across the path. So much is going on but for Leo, the world is frozen. It’s time. The whole world is waiting and he’s ready. He slowly pulls the ring box out of his pocket. Rylee looks his way and suddenly tears start to well up in his eyes. He can see him spending the rest of his life with her. He gets down on one knee and says “Rylee.. Will you Marry me?” Suddenly the world comes to a stop. The baby stops crying, the kid stops, the teenagers are smiling their way. Everything is perfect.

YES! YES!” Rylee screams with joy. Leo hugs her and hears applause erupt around them. Tears run down their cheeks. Leo will never forget this moment. Neither will Rylee Wallis.


Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more 🙂

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀