What I’m Reading Wednesday’s!

Hey everyone! Once again, it’s time for What I’m Reading Wednesday’s. If you are unfamiliar with this weekly event, I suggest that you check out the link here. This week, the books were recently finished.

What I'm Reading

The first book is called Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell.



Sophie Maxim survived a shipwreck as a baby. Her life really started when an eccentric but loving bachelor brings her home. Charles is laid back. He  uses toast as a bookmark and approves of Sophie drawing on the walls. When child protective services threaten to remove Sophie to an orphanage, Charles and Sophie run off to Paris. They search for one thing that can save her. Her long lost mother. In Paris, Sophie meets a group of children who live under the radar on the rooftops and learns that you never ignore a possible, sometimes the impossible comes true. 

Book: Rooftoppers

Author: Katherine Rundell


Author Facts:

  1. Katherine was born in 1987.

2. She has 3,037 followers on Twitter.

3. Rundell grew up in  Africa and Europe.

My Rating 12/10 or 7/5. This is an amazing book. You really start to feel close to the characters and feel what they are feeling. It’s aimed at a younger audience but can be read by anybody in my opinion.

Goodreads Rating: 4/5 stars

Amazon Rating: 4.3/5 stars

The second book is called Vet Volunteers Acting Out. This is the 14th book in the series, and the last one that I can get ahold of at the moment. For now, I’ll be moving onto a different series that still has to do with animals. More will be revealed next week 🙂



Zoe is back in Ambler while her mom films a movie, and she feels pretty homesick. Meanwhile, there seems to be a outbreak of animals being poisoned by antifreeze across town. Zoe fears that David’s new cat Rover might be one of them. Can the gang raise awareness about antifreeze before more animals are poisoned? 

Book: Vet Volunteers Acting Out.

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson


Potsdam, New York (Author Hometown) Facts.

  1. It is 3 hours ahead my time.

2. It is averaged around 27 degrees Fahrenheit in December according to Acuweather.

3. Potsdam has 5 highly rated hotels according to TripAdvisor.

My Rating: 9/10 or 4/5.

Goodreads: 4/5 stars

Amazon: 5/5 stars

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for next week’s What I’m Reading Wednesday’s!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀