Creative Challenges: One Piece Remains

Hey everyone. Today’s Monday. It’s time for Creative Challenges. I can’t guarantee that I’ll get out a 2nd one but I will definitely try. If you want more info about this twice weekly event check out the link here.

Today’s Prompt: They’ve destroyed everything but one piece remains. Tell the story.

My Story:

Sam sat on a bench in Central Park. His hair is messy. His hands dirty but soft. His wife suddenly filled for divorce. She took the kids, pets, and house. Nothing else else remains but one thing. His job. Sam loves being a veterinarian. Sure, he has to put some to sleep. Telling the families the news makes his heart break into millions of pieces every time. He has been a veternarian since before he met Darla. Tears glisten in his eyes as he remembers when his childhood dog passed away. Nothing could replace Willy. Sam also has just realized that he has no where to sleep. Getting up from his rain stricken bench, he slowly lopes to the bus stop. He luckily isn’t short on money. On the bus he stares at his sorry expression. Dr.Mac would really be surprised to see him in such a sorry state. He gets off the bus at a little hotel. At the desk sits a beautiful red head. Her hair covers her eyes. She’s sorting through some papers. She looks up and flashes Sam a toothy grin. Sam feels himself blush and he knows that he might be okay. Her name tag says “Kayla.” He falls asleep in his soft bed thinking of her ocean blue eyes.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂