Hi everyone! Pretty recently, Random Reads reached 1,000 views.


Sorry for how incredibly small the picture is. Thank you guys so much! I had no idea that Random Reads would make it this far in less than 6 months. Here’s to many more views 😀

-Makayla the Bookworm 🙂


Creative Challenges: She Stole Your Heart

Hey everyone. It’s Monday and also time for Creative Challenge Monday. I have decided that I will only be doing one of these a week especially since Cynthia Dawn who runs the event, has stopped sending them out. If you’re unfamiliar with the weekly event, check out my new event about page here.

Today’s prompt: She came into your life. Tell this story.

My Story:

Flynn put his clothes into the dryer and sighed. It had been a tough week and on top of that, his mom had refused to do his clothes.

“You’re 22 Flynn. I think you can wash your own clothes now.” She had said while shoving a trash bag full of clothes and some change at him. So here he was, at 9 o’clock at night in the practically empty laundromat. Leaning against the dryer, Flynn checked his Twitter feed. After scrolling through some tweets, the door bell rang and in walked the prettiest girl he had ever seen. Her brown hair flowed down her back. Her blue eyes scanned the room and landed on his. She fittled with her New York Giants sweatshirt. She dragged a huge bag of clothes into the quiet room and started her clothes.

Every so often, she would look up and wink at him. After 20 minutes of acting like they weren’t trying to flirt, Flynn gathered up the courage and walked over.

“Hi. What’s your name?” Flynn whispered. He could feel his cheeks turning pink.

“Hi! My name’s Beth!” The beautiful girl says with quiet enthusiasm.

“You’re pretty!” Flynn blurts out. He covers his mouth. She giggles.

“You’re pretty handsome yourself.” She says in a flirty voice. Suddenly his dryer dinged and the world came crashing down. He would be late for dinner if he didn’t head home soon. Beth must have caught him looking towards his dryer because she whispered

“Here’s my number Flynn. Maybe we can hang out sometime.” She winked and handed him a piece of paper. She must have scribbled down the number when he was looking at her silky hair. His hand shaked as he grabbed the paper.

“Bye Flynn!” Beth yelled as he slowly left the laundromat.

“Bye!” He yelled back while smiling happily.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂