Ode to Fiction

Hi everyone! Today is Tuesday but I will not be doing Top Ten Tuesday’s today. I don’t have nearly enough authors for this week’s particular objective. I will try again next week. This poem I am about to show you is an original. I wrote it and turned it in for a grade at school. All that was changed was my name. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Ode to Fiction
By Makayla the Bookworm
When I read you I disappear
Gone into a different dimension
All around me the whole world changes
Going on a vacation
Never leaving my comfy bed
Forests replace my wooden walls
My bed turns into a canoe
Floating down the river so blue

Pages begin to fly by
New characters appear
And disappear on the fly
Nothing is true
But that’s okay
I need to get away from the stress
Skyscrapers of Homework
Drama galore

You are there for me when I am blue
Even when I’m happy too
My cat protests
But I just smile
The library is filled with you
Hazel Grace walked your pages confidently
Doctor Mackenzie treated animal after animal before your eyes
Your hands held the lives of others

Lives were lost
Characters born
I felt like I was there when Katniss defeated the Capital
The greyhounds race by my bed
My heart explodes with glee
Nonfiction is true
But not as interesting
You were there to witness important events
Like Augustus’s death and Margo`s Disappearance
Many More Mysteries to be found

The chapters start to end
Words turn into brilliant pictures
Action flashes before my eyes
Two more pages
One more
Oh no!
The author acknowledgements appear
My heart skips a beat
A new story is complete
My mind is a cloud
Floating freely
Luckily for me
I will never run out of a passport to another world.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you thought below!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂