School Day Blues

Hi everyone! Since today is Sunday, I decided to do a School Day Blues poem. This poem was written last school year. The only thing that was changed was my name.

School Week Blues
By Makayla the Bookworm

I got the School Week Blues
Monday is just around the corner
I got the School Week Blues
Monday is leaving me some clues

It’s sayin’ you better watch out
You’re going to find out what I’m talkin’ about!
Quizzes at the end
You better hope your grades don’t go around the bend
School Week Blues

Yawn Yawn Yawn is all I do
Everybody knows that’s nothing new
I just want to scream
Someone better beam me to Mars
I just can’t take this School Week Blues!
The stress is eating at my brain
All I hear is this is easy
My brain protests as yet another math problem hits me like an asteroid
I try to fight the urge but it overtakes me
My pencil hits the desk with a click

The clock ticks like a bomb.
Deciding whether to go fast or slow
All I’m doing is counting the minutes, hours, and days till the weekend
My oasis just seems to be in the middle of the desert
The rest of the week is the sand
My throat is thirsty for those day where I can relax
School Day Blues!
I feel so lonely in the middle of all those problems, tests, quizzes, and assignments.
Monday means waking up as sleepy as anything
Tuesday is better but the procrastination really starts
Wednesday means middle of the week and a step closer to freedom
Thursday means face palms and begging the world to stop stalling
Friday’s TGIF and celebration
Saturday means sleeping in and not doing any homework
Sunday is the dread of facing that brand new week and struggling to do homework
The week is a whirlwind of “why do I have to be here and get me on that summer plane ’cause this world needs to get a reality check!”

I dread that ring that signals the beginning of class
The endless crowd of teenagers sweeps me like a broom
Nobody knows what’s in store
Middle School comes with drama and stress
Not the best
Must I confess that this world has given me a slap in the face more than my share?
Let me out of this room.
School Day Blues
You better watch out!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂



~I Love~

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting much. I hope you’ve been having a great weekend so far. I’ve decided to do another original poem. This one is called “I Love” and it was written last school year. All that has been changed is my  name.

I Love
By Makayla the Bookworm

I love summertime
The water balloons flying through the air
Flip flops flapping against the ground
Watermelon juice flying through the air
My mom telling us we’re going to the beach
Hooray is all we say
I love the way the waves calm me and I start to slip away
Summer vacation
No more homework
No more drama
Just sun, sand, and family
Fourth of July
Burgers and Hotdogs
Ice cold lemonade
Bees are buzzing
Red, White and Blue flags a waving
Kites are waving in the breeze
Air mattresses floating in the water
One flips over and laughter erupts
Sunglasses can be seen.
Reflecting the sun’s brilliant gleam
Popsicles melting in the warmth
Root Beer floats fizzing happily
Ouch! My skin turns to a stop sign shade
Red hair has its pros and cons
Sunburns are the worst
My skin seems to burn to a crisp
Better apply that sunscreen!
So relaxing
I love the way it makes me feel
Free like a bird

Let me know what you think and Thanks for reading 🙂

Makayla the Bookworm 😀