Top Ten Tuesdays: Freebie Week!!

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven’t done one of these in absolutely forever! Top Ten Tuesdays is created by the awesome people at The Broke and the Bookish. You should definitely check out their awesome blog!

This week’s theme is: Freebie Week! Pick a topic near and dear to your heart! Something you wished was on our official list!

I have decided to do Ten Favorite Relationships! It’s probably been done but I still am going to do it.

Ten Favorite Relationships:

  1. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

This one’s pretty obvious 🙂

2) Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

Ditto 😀

3) Levi and Cath

They are the cutest couple!!

4)Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters

5) Quentin and Margo

6) Cath and Reagan

They don’t have a romantic relationship but their relationship definitely evolves through out the book.

7)Simon and Baz

I haven’t read Carry On yet but their relationship is seen through the excerpts through out Fangirl.

8)Harry Potter and Dumbledore

Another non-romantic relationship. They definitely have a strong friendship and so much more!


I’ve decided to do just 8. I’ve realized that this is mainly Fangirl and Harry Potter XD

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Top Ten Tuesdays!!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀