Top Ten Tuesdays: Recently Read

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging much. I just keep putting it off until it’s too late for me to do a good quality blog. Anyway, it’s Tuesday and that means time for Top Ten Tuesdays. This amazing meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. You should definitely check them out!

Top Ten Tuesdays

This week’s topic is:

10 Of My Most Recent 5 Star Reads (Or Ten Of The Best Books I’ve Read Recently if you don’t 5 star stuff…or you could do 5 of my latest five star reads & five of my most disappointing or 1 star reads)

I haven’t done a 1 star yet but I don’t do too many 5 stars. I’ll just do ten books I’ve read recently.

Ten Books I’ve Read Recently:

  1. Me and Miranda Mullaly by Jake Gerhardt 

I am currently read this now. It’s not my favorite book but I’ve grown to like it a bit more.

2. The Forget-Me-Not Summer by Leila Howland

This book is so good! It’s more of a tween or children’s book but is so well written. I definitely recommend it.

3.House of Robots Robots Go Wild by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein 


This is definitely more of a children’s book. It’s so cute and well written though. I am in love with books written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. They are both amazing writers together or apart.

4. Simon v.s The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli 

I have raved about how adorable Simon and Blue are. You can check out my review here. You definitely need to read this book ASAP.

5. Survivors The Endless Lake by Erin Hunter

Cover art

This book was so amazing! If you know someone who loves animals,fantasy and/or adventure, you definitely need to have them check this series out!


All I could come with was 5! Oh well, At least I tried!

Do you want to read any of these books?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week’s Top Ten Tuesdays!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀



This Or That Book Tag!!

Hey everyone! I haven’t done a book tag in so long. This book tag has been floating around for a while and I decided to finally do it. It’s called the This Or That Book Tag. I wasn’t officially tagged by anyone so thank you to everyone who has done the tag. I love seeing your answers 🙂



The Rules:

  1. Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @Tea and Paperbacks).
  2. Thank the blogger who tagged you!
  3. Choose one of the options, you don’t have to tell the reasons why you chose that but you can also do them if you want to.
  4. Tag 10 other people to do this tag to spread the love!


One: Read on the Couch or On the Bed?

Bed without a doubt! I always read on my bed. My room is always so quiet and cut off from the rest of the house. I can’t read if it’s too loud. Overall, I love my bed XD

Two: Male Main Character or Female Main Character?

I normally read books with female main characters so I’ll choose that. There can definitely be some good male characters too. I would choose both but I have to choose one or the other.. so female. It all comes down to how well the book is written.


Three: Sweet Snacks or Salty Snacks?

I’m going to cheat and say neither. I don’t really eat while I read. If I had to choose I would choose sweet.

Four:Trilogies or Quartets?

I don’t really have a preference.

Five: First Person Point of View or Third Person Point of View?

First person POV all the way!!


Six: Reading at Night or In The Morning?

Whenever I can! If I had to choose reading at night. That’s when I do most of my reading.

Seven: Libraries or Book Stores?

I love them both but I’m going to say Libraries. You can read any book you want for free! Well it’s free until it’s overdue. When  I go to bookstores, I can’t seem to find what I want. If I can, it’s way too expensive.

Eight: Books that Make You Laugh Or Cry?

It’s actually pretty hard to make me cry while reading. I’m going to say make me laugh since that’s easier to do XD

Nine: Black Book Covers Or White Book Covers?

As long as they are beautiful who cares?

Ten: Character Driven or Plot Driven Stories?

I love both but I’m going to have to say character.

This was such a fun book tag! I have no idea who has and hasn’t done this tag so I tag EVERYONE!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tags!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂





Book Traveling Thursdays (#10)

Hey everyone!! It’s time for another Book Traveling Thursdays. This meme is hosted by Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. You should definitely check their amazing blogs out! You can find information about the meme, weekly themes and more at the Goodreads group. This week’s theme is:

International Day of Happiness was celebrated a few days ago!! Choose a book that brings you joy.

This was another tough one. Some books that brought me joy were too new or I had already used it for another theme. I decided to do Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde. I read the youth edition but could only find the original one. This is an inspiring and motivating book that everyone should read.

Original Cover/Cover From Your Country (US):

Adult Youth

Favorite Cover(s):

Pay it ForwardKindle Edition

La formula del cuoreItalian

Sėkmė avansuLithuanian

A jövő kezdeteHungarian

My favorite out of all of these is probably the Hungarian one.

Least Favorite(s):

Pay It ForwardKindle Edition (Again?)

Pay It Forward - Rangkaian KebaikanIndonesian

Pošli to ďalejSlovak

Χωρίς αντάλλαγμαGreek (Modern)

My least favorite is probably the Slovak one. It doesn’t have anything at all to do with the book.

That’s all!! What’s your favorite and least favorite covers? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week’s Book Traveling Thursdays!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀



WWW Wednesday (#13)

Hey everyone! It’s halfway through Spring Break and I should’ve posted way more than I have. I have absolutely no excuses. I’m incredibly sorry. Anyway, It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for WWW Wednesday. This amazing meme is hosted by @Sam. You should definitely check out her blog if you haven’t already! To participate you just have to answer three questions:

What did you recently read?

What are you currently reading?

What are you going to read next?

WWW Wednesday

Recently Read:


Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda was absolutely amazing and adorable. I did a review on it a couple of days ago. Check it out here.

The House of Robots Robots Go Wild was an awesome sequel!! I loved it so much but won’t do a review on it. Readers on my blog seem to not enjoy tween/children book reviews. Therefore, I will stray away from them as much as I can.

Currently Reading:

This book’s characters and settings are absolutely amazing. It’s not too much of a page turner and it’s not very well written. Definitely not my favorite book.

Going to Read Next:

That’s all for this week’s WWW Wednesdays!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week’s!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀


200 posts!!

Hey everyone! This is a quick post but I wanted to let you know something important. I have posted 200 posts on Random Reads! This is a pretty cool milestone 3-4 months before my 1 year blogiversary.

200 PostsOlaf Celebration

Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me till this point. Whether you recently joined or have watched me learn the ropes, thank you. Here’s to another 200 posts!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀

Top Ten Tuesday’s: Book’s I Haven’t Raved About

Hey everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’m on Spring Break now (yay!) so I will be hopefully posting more often. Today is Tuesday and that mean’s Top Ten Tuesdays! This wonderful meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Go check them out if you haven’t already 🙂

Top Ten Tuesdays

This week’s topic is:

Ten Books I Really Love But Feel Like I Haven’t Talked About Enough/In A While

I have so many books to rave about!

1) Simon v.s the Homo Sapiens Agenda

This book is amazing! I recently reviewed it but I don’t have the link since this is pre written. You definitely need to check out my review and read the book if you haven’t already.

2) The Survivors Series by Erin Hunter

This series is indeed aimed towards children. There are talking dogs for goodness sakes. It’s such a page turner! I just finished the last book of the first series. The ending was magnificent. If you’re not into children’s books, at least check it out for your kids/grandkids/friend’s kids.

3) The Harry Potter series

I guess I have raved about this enough… Oh well! I absolutely love the chemistry between the characters and how romance really comes into play. If you haven’t read this series, you need to ASAP.

4) The Fault in Our Stars

I have raved about this countless times. I love Hazel and Gus’s on going devotion and romance and how it grows. If you haven’t read this, you definitely should 🙂

5) Fangirl

Oh my gosh. I love Levi and Cath’s relationship! It’s beyond adorable. When I go to Starbucks, I think about Levi and his uniform for work. Contemporary fans should especially read this.

6) The Warriors Series

This is just like the Survivors but with cats. I read the series quite a while ago but loved it. There is definitely some violence just like in the Survivors series. If you or someone you know loves animals and fantasy, this is the book for them!

7) Wonder

This book is so inspiring. It’s a book all about a boy who’s born with a deformed face. You get to see his journey through school and what he experiences.

8) Paper Towns

This is another book by John Green but there isn’t much romance. It’s a story about what a crush on someone can make you do. It’s more of a suspense and adventure book. I definitely recommend it.



I think we’ll end it here. This post was just me fangirling over books and showing off impressive fan art. I hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week’s Top Ten Tuesday’s.

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀

Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda (Book Review)

Hey everyone! Today it’s time for another book review. Many of you will be excited to hear that this book is for teenagers and not for tweens/children. The book is Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. It’s quite a unique book for me because it’s the first LGBTQ book.

Blog Graphic (1)

Name: Simon v.s. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Author: Becky Albertalli

A little fun fact is that this is Becky’s first ever book. It’s also available in French! This amazing book was published last year (2015)

# of pages: 303

My Rating: 6/5 stars (It was honestly that good)

Goodreads Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5 stars


Amazon Summary:

Sixteen-year-old and not-so-openly gay Simon Spier prefers to save his drama for the school musical. But when an email falls into the wrong hands, his secret is at risk of being thrust into the spotlight. Now change-averse Simon has to find a way to step out of his comfort zone before he’s pushed out—without alienating his friends, compromising himself, or fumbling a shot at happiness with the most confusing, adorable guy he’s never met.


My Thoughts:

This book is amazing! It’s hard to believe this is Becky Albertalli’s debut novel! Like I mentioned above, this was my first LGBTQ novel and I’m very impressed! Simon Spier is so darn adorable. His email relationship with Blue is absolutely adorable. Everything about this book is just adorable. I’m not going to spoil who Blue is, but when you do find out it’s like… POW!

Following Simon through his journey in this book is absolutely amazing. I really want to say more but I don’t want to spoil anything.

If you enjoy adventurous, suspenseful and/or romantic books, this is for you!

For those who have read the book, I have some good news that you may or may not know. Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda is going to be made into a movie!!!

They started working on it October of last year. There is no release date. Fox 2000 is going to produce it. Fox 2000 also produced book to film adaptions like Paper Towns and the Maze Runner.

That’s a wrap! Do you think you’ll read this book? If you’ve already read it, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more book reviews to come!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀





Book Traveling Thursday’s (#9)

Hey everyone! It’s the last day of school before Spring Break. Hurray!! Today is Thursday and that means it’s time for Book Traveling Thursdays. This event is hosted by Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much  and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. You should definitely check out their blogs if you haven’t already. To find information about this weekly meme, themes and more go to the GoodReads group. This week’s theme is:

Father’s Day is celebrated in a couple of days in a few countries! Choose a book with a awesome father figure.

I greatly apologize but I will be doing another Harry Potter book. The HP series is filled with father figures like Arthur Weasley and Dumbledore. Today I will be doing The Half-Blood Prince.

Book Traveling Thursdays

Original Cover/Cover From My Country (US):

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)

Favorite Cover(s):

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)Bloombury Edition (English)

Harry Potter y el misterio del príncipe (Harry Potter, #6)Spanish

Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang-Mêlé (Harry Potter, #6)French

هری پاتر و شاهزاده دورگه، مجموعه ی دوجلدی (Harry Potter, #6)Persian

Harry Potter en de Halfbloed Prins (Harry Potter, #6)Dutch

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)English

Out of all of these, my favorite is the Persian one because of how unique it is.

Least Favorite(s):

Harry Potter ja puoliverinen prinssi (Harry Potter, #6)Finnish (Not the worst just different)

Harry Potter und der HalbblutprinzGerman

Harry Potter e il Principe Mezzosangue (Harry Potter, #6)Italian

Harry Potter og Halvblodsprinsen (Harry Potter # 6)Danish

My least favorite is the Danish because it makes Harry Potter seem like a book about possessed dead bodies

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week’s Book Traveling Thursdays!

What’s your favorite and least favorite covers? Let me know!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀




Book Review: Surviviors #5: The Endless Lake


Hey everyone! Today I am doing another Book Review. This book is for ages 8-12 or grades 3-7. Therefore, it is a Young Teen book. I am a bit older than 12 years old so you can obviously stretch the limits 😉 Today I am reviewing Survivors Book #5: The Endless Lake.

Blog Graphic (1)

Name: Survivors #5: The Endless Lake

Author: Erin Hunter
# of pages: 336
My Rating: 5/5 stars
Goodreads Rating: 4.4/5 stars
Amazon Rating: 4.8/5 stars

Amazon Summary:

At the edge of a strange lake that seems to stretch on forever, Lucky and his Pack are about to discover even more new dangers. With the Fierce Dogs on their trail and the Storm of Dogs looming on the horizon, every dog will have to fight for survival—or be swept away.


My Thoughts:

I definitely recommend this book for anyone that loves adventure, animals and fantasy. This book is the 5th book in the series. It continues to follow the journey of Lucky and his Wild Pack. This is a short page turner that will keep you begging for more.

If you are curious about this series, I suggest you check out the first book here!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more book reviews!

~Makayla the Bookworm 🙂



Book Extravaganza: Get Offa That Slump

Hey everyone! I’ll be 100% honest with you. This event started Wednesday. I haven’t been able to get started until now. Anyway, procrastinating aside, let me give you a run down of the event:

It’s hosted by Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf. If this is interesting to you, find out more information at Rachel’s awesome blog. Blog Extravaganza is a blogging challenge. It’s to help you post more often and show you some things you can post on your blog and still keep it bookish. Yes, this is a bookish challenge. That means if you’re not a book blogger like moi, you probably shouldn’t join. The purpose is also just to have fun and make blogging not be a job. This challenge lasts for three weeks. It started Wednesday March 9th and it goes until March 30th. Scheduling and more is at the Beauty and the Bookshelf.

Day #1: An interview about myself.

This is literally me interviewing myself. Let’s see how this goes.

Hello. What’s your name?

My name is Makayla. Yes, that really is my name. Bookworm is not my last name though XD

How old are you?

Almost in high school. That should give you a pretty good idea 😉

How long have you been blogging?

I honestly had to look this up XD I have been blogging for 9 months. It will be one year on June 23rd. It feels like I’ve been blogging longer than that!

Why Random Reads?

As some of you may know, Random Reads wasn’t the blog’s original name. It was originally named readersandmore. I wanted to name it that because I wanted to do book related things but much more like writing. I later decided that Random Reads was easier to remember and fitted the blog better.

Let’s get a little personal.. Do you have any pets?

Seriously? This isn’t very personal. Yes, I do have pets. Two cats to be exact. Their names are Trouble and Ali.

What are you currently reading?

Simon and the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. If you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should!

What’s your favorite and least favorite subject at school?

My favorite is language arts. It’s just a class where you read and write, my two favorite things. My least favorite is math. This is partly because I’ve never been very good with math.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

First of all, I’m never going to grow up XD Second of all, I want to be a author. If that doesn’t work out, a journalist or something to do with weather.

Lastly, What is your favorite meme on WordPress?

This is a pretty tough one. I’m going to say Book Traveling Thursday’s. If you haven’t heard of it or don’t participate, you should check it out!

Thanks for letting me interview you Makayla the Bookworm!

You’re very welcome. You can come back anytime. I hope you’ll read a few of my posts sometime.

Oh trust me. I’ve read quite a few *wink*

We are going to leave it there. That was pretty fun! Definitely easier than I thought it would be.

That’s day #1 of Get Offa That Slump. I’m going to publish day #2 later today. Stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading 😀

~Makayla the Bookworm xx