Book Traveling Thursdays (#12)

Hey everyone! We’ve almost made it to the weekend 🙂 That means it’s time for Book Traveling Thursday’s! This weekly meme is hosted by Catia @ The Girl Who Reads Too Much and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. You definitely need to check out their blogs! You can find out info about the meme, themes and more at the Goodreads group. This week’s theme is:

National Siblings Day is a few days away. Choose a book that has your favorite bookish siblings.

Book Traveling Thursdays

There are so many bookish siblings to choose from! Some of them are in books I’ve already done. I am going to do Indigo’s Star by Hillary McKay. This is part of a series. The siblings are definitely tight-knit and always looking out for each other.

Original Cover/Cover From My Country (US):

Favorite Cover(s):


Indigon tähtiFinnish

Se vires uma estrela cadente pede um desejo (Clube das Amigas, #84)Portuguese

There isn’t very many covers to choose from. My favorite is probably the English one because it’s so unique and beautiful.

Least Favorite(s):


Indigos stjärna (Casson Family, #2) Swedish

Indygo i gwiazdyPolish

Indigo's Star (Casson Family, #2)English

Out of all the covers, I had more I didn’t like. The bottom line with this book is that they definitely shouldn’t use faces on the cover. That’s what ruined most of these. A couple of them are fine but others are not.


That’s a wrap! This book definitely doesn’t have very many covers. The majority seem to be English. Sorry there wasn’t much variety this week!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week’s Book Traveling Thursday’s!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀