Friendly Discussion Fridays (#1)

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I bet you’re wondering why I’m posting on a Friday. I almost never do that. I have decided to do a new meme type thing. This one is self-created. I have no idea how often these will be or if they will even stick around. It all depends if you guys enjoy it and give me great feedback. As you can guess by the title, this will be a meme where I go and discuss different things. It might be book related, it might be my thoughts on current events. These posts will just be a place for me to vent and share my thoughts and opinions. You’ll never know what I’ll be posting next!

I know so many bloggers do discussion posts. As always, I will be putting my own spin on it. To start us off, I have decided to talk about:


I’m sure this topic has been done many times. I have yet to give my opinion in a post so I am going to now.

This question has a couple of answers for me. Sometimes a cover can really catch my eye.

Just because it has a brilliant cover, that doesn’t automatically seal the deal for me. The summary on the inside flap has to be interesting. The length can’t be too short. I’m a pretty fast reader so I can’t have a super short book. If the writing is in poetry form or clearly for younger kids, I won’t get it. I guess I’m pretty picky with my books.

For me, I won’t just get a book if the cover is beautiful. That definitely catches my eye though. The summary, length and style also have to be to my liking or else the book goes back on the shelf.

This post is pretty short and wasn’t planned out. If you guys (the readers) end up enjoying this, I will definitely put more time into this. What are your thoughts on this question/topic? Let me know!’

That’s a wrap! In order for this meme to continue, you guys have to give me feedback. Anything I can improve on? Do you think you’ll enjoy this? Is this a fail in your book? Let me know in the comments!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more if the feedback is positive.

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀


8 thoughts on “Friendly Discussion Fridays (#1)

  1. Hannah @ Book Freak-Out says:

    Covers influence my purchasing more than if I’m just checking it out from the library. I bought Ally Condie’s Matched because I really liked the cover and the premise, but then the book was bleeehhh so that put a damper on buying things I don’t already know I like. My favorite example of covers influencing reading is City of Bones. My younger brother really likes that series but was vocally opposed to the idea of carrying around a book with a shirtless tattooed man, and understandably so!

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  2. Clemence says:

    That’s will power, i always tell myself to be stong and not just buy because of the cover… But i’ve failed so many times!
    To be honest i don’t care of the book is too long or too short, but i do understand why this could be an issue. Great post!

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  3. Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

    I already like these kind of posts 🙂 I love reading bookish and non-bookish discussions like that! I have to say, I’m sometimes influenced by a gorgeous cover, but what makes me buy the book is the synopsis, definitely. I almost never buy on an ‘only-cover’ impulse. So I’m just like you I guess 🙂

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