Friendly Discussion Friday (#2)

Hey everyone! TGIF 😀 Happy Friday. Since you guys seemed to enjoy the first FDF (here), I’ve decided to do another one. As you can guess, this meme is only about discussing opinions, current events and more. This week’s topic is:


Paperback or Hardcover Books? This topic is greatly talked about. Everyone has their own opinions of course. Hardcover books are sturdier and look incredible on the bookshelf. Paperback covers are easier to take places and easier to read.

What’s my opinion?

I personally enjoy hardcovers better. Yes, they are more expensive. The pros to me are:

  • They are sturdy
  • They look amazing on shelves 😀
  • I can’t rip or bend the cover(s) by accidently

Paperbacks do have their pros of course. I won’t deny a paperback and actually read those more than hardcover. If I had to choose one, I’d choose hardcover.

What’s Your Opinion?

Let me know in the comments!

Do You Choose Paperback or Hardcover?


Some Great Books In Both Hardcover and Paperback 

That’s a wrap! How can I improve in these discussion posts? Let me know any suggestions along with your opinion on this topic.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Friendly Discussion Fridays!
~Makayla the Bookworm 😀

19 thoughts on “Friendly Discussion Friday (#2)

  1. Donna says:

    Paperback all the way! Why?
    – they fit in my bag
    – they’re cheap
    – did I say they were cheap? haha! I’m a student so I can’t afford to buy many books. Thank the Universe for paperbacks and eBooks!

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  2. my valiant soul says:

    HARDCOVER!ALthough the majority of books i have is paperback,yet somehow hardcovee draws me to itself instantly as it has its own class and charm.

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  3. Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff says:

    Haha love the meme. My answer: BOTH. There are books I don’t mind in paperback (like the UK Throne of Glass books. Those are gorgeous), then there are those I want to replace for hardcovers asap (The Lunar Chronicles. They’re still beautiful, but they’re well-loved and a bit damaged now :/). Of course if I find a beautiful hardcover edition of a book I really want (usually when they have just come out) I’ll buy it, but I don’t mind the paperback that much either (really depends on the book though haha). One day when I have a lot of money I’ll replace some/most (not sure yet) of my paperbacks for hardcovers, but for now I’m good 🙂 (I say ‘when I have a lot of money’ but sometimes you can find hardcovers for real cheap too of course!)

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