Questions for 200 Follower Q&A!!

Hey everyone! As you may know, I am about to reach 200 followers!! Including email followers, I have already reached it but I haven’t gotten the official notification yet. As part of my celebration for 200 followers, I will be doing a Q&A. All you guys have to do is leave as many questions as you like. They can be questions about pretty much anything so ask away!

I hope you guys give me lots of questions to answer 🙂 You can keep dropping questions in the comments of this post up until I do the official Q&A.

Thanks for reading and ask away 😀

~Makayla the Bookworm 😉


15 thoughts on “Questions for 200 Follower Q&A!!

  1. Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

    Yaaaaay questions! Okay first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! 😀
    So, hm, what would be your ideal job? What’s the best thing about blogging, for you? If you had to recommend ONE book to one person who doesn’t read, what book would it be? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go ? 😀

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  2. Maddie says:

    I have some questions 😃

    1) Do you like actual books or electronic books better?

    2) Are there any books that you had a hard time getting through? Also why didn’t you like them?

    3) What do you think was the saddest book character death?

    4) Would you rather ride Norm or Lulu?

    5) Do I dazzle you?

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  3. Cátia says:

    Coming up with questions is never easy but here are some 😀 :
    Which book characters do you relate to most and why?
    Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
    What book do you think everyone should read?

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