Friendly Discussion Friday (#3) EBooks?

Hey everyone! It’s Friday. Today you get two posts 🙂 I hope you’ve had a great week so far and can have a relaxing weekend. It’s time for another Friendly Discussion Friday. I’ve done two posts so far. You can find them here:

#1: Cover Influence #2: Hardcover or Paperback?

Today’s topic is going to be:


Some people believe that physical books will eventually melt away. EBooks will be the only form of book. Yet others believe that physical books will always be around no matter how big EBooks get. Last year, physical books and ebooks took turns falling and rising in popularity.

My Opinion?

I haven’t read a single ebook and don’t plan too. I’ve always loved print books and refuse to read a book off of a tablet or Kindle. I love print books because:

  • You can physically turn the pages
  • The book doesn’t need to be charged
  • There’s something satisfying about holding a real book
  • Your eyes don’t get tired from staring at a screen

As you can probably guess, I’m physical/print books all the way

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with me? If so, why?

If you disagree, what makes you like ebooks more?

If you’re stuck in the middle, why?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

That’s a wrap! This was a great topic to do since it’s a topic that lots of people think about. Where do you stand?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Friendly Discussion Fridays!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀

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12 thoughts on “Friendly Discussion Friday (#3) EBooks?

  1. Kendra says:

    While I LOVE print books, I have found I tend to read slower when I read them. If I’m reading an ebook, sometimes, I just fly right through it. Plus, it is so much easier to click on the app, rather than carry a book around with me everywhere (mostly because I’ll forget to grab the book before I leave the house). I don’t have a tablet, or a Kindle, but I do use the Kindle app on my Galaxy S6. I freaking love it. I still read (and hoard / collect) print books, but I think I’d prefer to read on my phone.

    However, there was a time when I was like you. So anti-ebooks. I got over that when I was told I couldn’t bring a book to work. It was a while ago, but I was working in fast food, and I guess it looked better for me to stare at my phone, than hold a physical book in my hand? I’m not sure how that worked… But I wanted to read instead of sitting there twiddling my thumbs during down time. Haha!

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  2. SJJ says:

    I am definitely stuck in the middle. I love physical books, I love the smell and the feel and being able to turn the page. I especially love old books, I have some beautiful vintage hardbacks that I love so much!

    But ebooks are so convenient, and cost less. I tend to buy far more books with an ebook as they cost less and so I’m willing to risk a book I am not 100% sure I’ll enjoy. If it is a book or author I know I love I will go and get the physical copy. But I have in 2.5 years moved from UK to Denmark to USA and transporting books is costly! This means most of my beautiful books are left behind, which I hate.

    Also, when I need books for classes, they can be things I know I won’t like or ever read again so I’d rather buy a cheap ebook, especially when you can get so many classics for free.

    So for now I stick with ebooks, when I travel I can have 100+ books in my backpack and only need to take hand luggage, and if I finish my book I can download a new one in the airport! When I finally settle somewhere though I cannot wait to stock a physical library! Long answer, sorry!


    • Random Reads says:

      Thank you for commenting! Ebooks do definitely seem great for travel. They do cost less I’m sure. I just love the feeling of holding a book. I love long answers like this! It shows me that you have your own opinion and are not afraid to express it. Some how your comment ended up in the pending comments section. Sorry for taking so long to answer!

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  3. Marcia Strykowski says:

    I’m with you, I much prefer print books. The only thing I like about eBooks is that you can pack a lot of books onto one tablet, so they’re good for travel or students to lug back and forth to school. I’m also a big fan of audio books. It’s like live theater in my car!

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