Creative Challenges: Under The Sea Pt. 1 (#1)

Hey everyone! If you’ve been on my blog for a while, you’ll remember I used to do Creative Challenges. It’s a twice weekly challenge created by the wonderful @Cynthia Dawn. Go check her writing blog out 🙂 This challenge where you write a story based on the given prompt. It’s been my only weekly writing thing and I loved it. Then everything slowed down and I eventually stopped. Now it’s back and will hopefully be a frequent thing once again. This won’t be on a certain day, unless you guys would prefer that.  After reading the post, please comment if you would like to see more of these or not. All feedback is accepted!

This Week’s Prompt:






credit to Cynthia Dawn!!



My Story:

        Once night, in the middle of November, the sea turned a strange color. All around, fish and other sea creatures went into complete chaos. As the black billow of color slowly descended downwards, bubbles raised towards the sky. A mermaid swam swiftly out of hiding. She had been in her secret home with her twelve brothers and ten brothers. Add her mom, dad, and pet dolphin Sky, and you had a total of 26 people in one place. Needless to say, Lulu the mermaid’s life was always full of craziness. One thing that hadn’t happened before was this strange billow. All the sea creatures gathered in the Sea Center to discuss what could be happening.

DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT WE SHOULD DO?!” Mayor Charles the Clownfish shouted into the seashell he used as a microphone. The sound decreased slightly and Mayor Charles spotted a stray flipper waving furiously.

Yes Shay?” Shay is a yellow seahorse. He’s known for his brilliant algae smoothie.

“I propose we send our swiftest explorers to investigate the billow.” Shay flashed a smile at the crowd.

“What a brilliant idea! Does anyone else have any other ideas?” The Mayor looked around and only saw anxious faces staring back at him. “All right then. We will have a sign up sheet on the announcement billboard in the Town Shell.”

Mayor Charles was relieved someone had actually spoken up. Normally he had to stare at the apprehensive crowd for hours on end. The Mayor was swimming home when he suddenly stopped. A sudden thought had burst into his mind. Nobody named Shay had ever lived in Seaweed Falls before. How had he never heard of this intelligent seahorse? Mayor Charles decided that it had slipped someone’s mind and he continued his journey home.

Meanwhile, behind a rock, came Lulu the mermaid sat thinking about Shay the seahorse as well. She had been a few rows back from Shay and didn’t think anything of him. These meetings were always so long and boring. When a flipper had risen confidently into the air, Lulu had been shocked! Nobody had ever put forth an idea, let alone at the beginning of the meeting. Lulu’s mind brimmed with thoughts. One particular one stood out to her: “Why had nobody ever seen or heard of Shay before?”

That’s a wrap for part 1! What do you think of the story? I am open to any feedback or suggestions you might have. Let me know if you would like to see more Creative Challenges and/or part 2 of Under The Sea!!

Thanks for reading and look out for more Creative Challenges.

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀





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