Book Traveling Thursday (#32)|Classics In The Future

Hey everyone! This is my first weekly meme in weeks! I’m so sorry for going MIA. Hopefully I’ll be able to schedule posts and get some amazing things out to you again. Book Traveling Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by the amazing Catia @ The Girl Who Reads Too Much and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. Go check their amazing bookish blogs out 🙂 To find out more information, future themes and more, go visit the meme’s Goodreads group here. This week’s theme is:

Choose a book that you think it should be a classic in a few years.

I’ve done so many books already that definitely should be classics. I’m going to do The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I haven’t read this book and know it’s probably already a classic. I couldn’t think of any potential classics that I hadn’t done. Enjoy the covers and ignore the theme 🙂

Original Cover/Cover From My Country (US):

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Favorite Cover(s):

De belevenissen van een muurbloemDutch

Saksı Olmanın FaydalarıTurkish

Elämäni seinäruusunaFinnish


My favorite cover out of these is the Finnish cover because it’s simple but leaves a lot of mystery. You really have no idea what the book will be about based on the cover.

Least Favorite Cover(s):

Fordelene ved at være en bænkevarmerDanish

Las ventajas de ser un marginadoSpanish

Pas raccordFrench

Vielleicht lieber morgenGerman

My least favorite out of these is the German one. Again, I haven’t read the book but what the heck Germany?!

That’s a wrap! Do you recommend this book if you’ve read it? What is your favorite and least favorite covers? Let me know!

Thanks for sticking around while I’m figuring out how to balance life and stay tuned for more!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀


Hype or Like Friday (#2)|Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Hey everyone! It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another Hype or Like Friday! You guys really seemed to enjoy last week’s post so I’m back for

more 😀 This weekly meme is hosted by three wonderful people: Jillian @ Rant and Rave About Books, Larkin @ Wonderfilled Reads and last but not least, Britt @ Geronimo Reads. Go check out their wonderful bookish blogs!  To find out more information, future topics and more, go to the meme’s Goodreads group here. This week’s topic/theme is:

10 Things I Like About Harry Potter: Name 10 things you like about any of the books in the series. You’re not limited to a particular book. You can choose whatever you want from any book. It’s completely up to you. This category is wide open, but here’s a few ideas: favorite characters, spells, magical items, plot twists, villains, etc. You can do whatever you want with this.

I have decided to do Ten Favorite Characters.

My Ten Favorite Harry Potter Characters: (In No Order)

  1. Ron Weasley

He is Harry Potter’s loyal friend. Ron and his family make Harry feel as if he’s part of their family. I like Ron because he’s a ginger like me, he’s loyal and funny too. Weasley is Our King!

credit to Pinterest/Tumbler

2. Dumbledore

Dumbledore is the headmaster at Hogwarts. I like Albus Dumbledore because he is kind, wise and goes out of his way to help his students. Especially Harry.

credit to Alex Roman

3. Hagrid

Hagrid is the Ground and Key Keeper at Hogwarts. He is half giant and half human. Hagrid has important jobs like getting the 1st years to Hogwarts. I love Hagrid because he is funny, strange and very helpful. Hagrid is a big help and friend to Harry and his friends.

 Credit to Alex Roman

4. Dobby the House Elf

Dobby is a house elf. He is bound to his master for life or until his master gives him a sock or piece of clothing. I like Dobby because he is very loyal to Harry Potter, kind and helpful.

credit to Ottowl @

5. Voldemort

Voldemort is the villain in Harry Potter. He’s out to get Harry and will stop at nothing. I like Voldemort because he’s determined, makes for the best plot twists and extremely creepy.

credit to Brosa @

6. Ginny Weasley

Ginny is Ron’s only sister. Harry slowly becomes very close to her. I like Ginny because she’s a ginger, kind and very loving.

credit to nami64 @

7. Sirius Black

Sirius is Harry Potter’s criminal godfather. He is very caring towards Harry. I like Sirius because he’s mysterious, caring and isn’t afraid to fight.

credit to Pinterest

8. Minerva McGonagall

She is among other things, the head of Gryffindor house and the Headmistress of Hogwarts. I like McGonagall because she can transform into a cat, serious and business like.

 credit to hansbrown-77 @ Deviantart

9. Severus Snape

He is the Potions teacher at Hogwarts. I like Snape because he is mysterious, serious and has a grudge against Harry Potter.

credit to G672 @ Deviantart

10. Remus Lupin

Lupin is the Professor of Defense of Dark Arts at Hogwarts. I like him because he has a few secrets, he is mysterious and helpful.

credit to flominowa @ Deviantart

That’s a wrap! I loved this topic so much and could honestly find something I liked about every character. I won’t be doing next week’s topic since I haven’t read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yet. I might think of something else.

Who are your favorite characters? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Hype or Like Friday!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀

Creative Challenges: A Strange Fog.

Happy Monday! Or Tuesday, or whatever day it is for you. Today is Labour Day and for me that means no school today! I will be posting a few times today and will also be prewriting some awesome posts that you will receive sometime this week. If you are new to this weekly event, I suggest that you check out this link here to learn about the weekly event hosted by Cynthia Dawn and to see her take on the prompt.

Today’s prompt: Write about being stuck in a strange fog.

You can either write a story using the prompt based on a personal experience, or like I do, using a fictional character.

My Story:

Hello my name is Max Willis. All day I’ve been out with all my buddies like Jack and Kyle. First we went to Sweet Sally’s for some milkshakes. Sweet Sally’s has the best milkshakes in all of New Orleans. I ordered my usual Vanilla milkshake with Oreo crumbs sprinkled evenly on top. The bill ended up being a hefty 95 dollars because of the 10 people in our group. We also have quite the appetite so most of us had a burger and fries along with our milkshake. Once we left stuffed to the bone after paying, Jack suggested with travel a ways out to Jackson. I had never been there but knew that it was almost an hour away.

   All the guys got all riled up but I felt a shiver run up my spine. What would my mom think? If I didn’t make it back by dinner she would have a fit! It was only 3:40 according to my sweet Timex watch. Dinner wasn’t till 6:00 so we could get to Jackson and hang around for a while. I heard that there’s a donut shop called Dave’s Donuts that has the best donuts around. My friend Casson is 15 so he has his driving permit. He technically wasn’t supposed to have any friends with him yet while he’s driving but he’s quite the rule breaker. Which is why I don’t see why perfect Molly Kay is into him. Anyway, only 7 of us could fit in his old minivan so a few of us had to bike. I was one of them. I could feel my palms starting to sweat. I had no idea where Jackson was but I figured that I could just follow Casson and the boys.

   We started off at 4:05. I should have known that I was going to be very late to dinner. Of course, I was in the moment and not thinking about that. After 40 minutes of winding roads i realized that I couldn’t see Casson’s baby barf green minivan anymore. All around me a strange fog was wrapping me up in a inescapable blanket. I looked over my shoulder but I didn’t see Daniel or Leo behind me. I replayed the last time I saw them and the van. I facepalmed when I realized that I went straight, continuing on Red Fir Road while everyone else turned off onto Cascade Street. I would’ve noticed but I was too busy jamming and singing along to AC/DC and Queen.

      The fog continued to swirl around me. My head started to throb and my vision started to sway. I quickly pulled out my iPhone but there was no service. “Duh” I was in the middle of the dark and dangerous woods. My Timex watch flashed 5:30. I knew that I was lost and wasn’t going to be home in time for dinner. In the strange fog I started to see weird glowing shapes and knew that this wasn’t any ordinary fog. This fog was starting to lift me up out of my red bicycle seat. Who knew if I would ever see my friends again. Or my family. My body started to go numb and I started seeing weird colors flash before my eyes. My last thought was “I don’t know if I’ll ever get home” The world faded to black and I felt a strange feeling in my chest. I felt a hand grab my arm and I opened my mouth to scream. But nothing came out. I was stuck in a dark and silent world. I should’ve stayed home.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀