Creative Challenges: Watching Me

Hi everyone! It’s Monday and that means nobody wants to get up. At least it’s Creative Challenge Monday! If you are unfamiliar with this event, go to it’s info page here.

Today’s prompt: “He was always watching me. That dog, always watching me.” That is the first line of your story.

My Story:

He was always watching me. That dog always watching me; Sam Smith thought  to himself as he stared at the small Dalmatian. He had been practicing for his basketball game tomorrow. Getting awfully tired, he turned around and noticed that Dalmatian covered in dirt and watching him. It wasn’t the first time he had encountered the dog. The first time was on a cool Fall day when he had been spending time with his friends Greg and Freddy at Central Park. The Dalmatian had come bounding up to them and started nosing the soccer ball they had been kicking around. Greg and Freddy had loved the dog and thought that he belonged to Sam. Sam thought about that as he sat on the front step of his apartment building.

“Sammy!” His grandma Lisa yelled in delight and Sam sighed. The Dalmatian made a run for it just has Lisa waddled around the corner with her arms full of gifts.

“Hi Grandma.” He muttered as he looked around nonchalantly for the Dalmatian.

“Can yeh help meh with these her gifts sweetie?”

“Yes Grandma Lisa.” Sam sighed again and got up off the step and walked over to help his Grandma. They walked up the stairs to the Smith’s apartment, both with their arms filled with gifts and bags.

“Grandma!” Sam’s sister Jessi exclaimed with delight as Lisa swooped her up in a big hug.

“Hi Sweetie! I’ve brought you and Sammy some gifts.”

“Hi Mom!” Sam and Jessi’s mom came down the hall clutching her round stomach. She’s  8 months pregnant with baby #3; a little boy.

“Hi Darla! How’s the baby doing?”

“He’s been kicking like crazy! Been keeping me up late into the night.”

“I bet he’s going to be a big boy like his big brother.” Grandma Lisa said while smiling warmly at Sam. Sam blushed profusely and excused himself to go take out the trash.  Down the stairs he walked skipping stairs whenever he could. “BANG!” The sound echoed down the alley. Sam wiped his sweaty forehead and glanced at the row of bushes at the end of the alley. No sign of the Dalmatian. Sam ran back up to the apartment to see Jessi unwrapping a new book all about horses with several other gifts piled beside her. Grandma Lisa smiled and his mom smiled as he placed his hand on her stomach. He jumped as the baby’s tiny foot hit his hand. Sitting down on the couch between his mom and Grandma, Sam glanced out the window. Peering up at him was the Dalmatian who seemed to wink at him. Sam grinned and winked back.

Thanks for reading and Stay tuned for more!

~Makayla the Bookworm 😀